0.33 oz / 10 ml

If you struggle with fever blisters, cold sores, or dry, chapped lips, you must try this little miracle. We’ve tried every healing salve out there, and Holocuren's Miracle Lips outperforms them all with a combination of natural and organic butters and Brazilian propolis. The no-wax, no-preservative, no-petrochemicals formula is also free of dyes, parabens, and artificial flavors and fragrances. The Salve is a thicker, more potent version of the Miracle Lips Serum that naturally medicates, exfoliates, and hydrates lips for immediate relief.

Best for:
- Chapped lips, cold sores, and fever blisters
- Skin types: All
- Skin concerns: Any
- Avoid in cases of: Sensitivity to bees or bee products

Price: $16.00