To find the right skincare products, we always suggest starting with the basics. These articles packed with expert skincare tips have been designed to help everyone—no matter what skin type, concern, or age—learn more about key skincare topics.

A top derm's recommended regimen

We’re huge fans of Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, the New York-based dermatologist with a BA, MD, and PhD from Harvard. We’ve already interviewed Dr. A about her top anti-aging secrets, where she mentions why she developed her 37 Extreme Actives anti-aging cream. Read on for the inside scoop on recomm... More

Skin types

"What is your skin type?" Ah, the question that appears to be so simple yet consistently flummoxes so many of us. There’s a confusing jumble of options to choose from: Sensitive, Delicate, Dry, Aging, Sun-Damaged, Very Oily, Oily, Combination, Mature, Acne—and then there’s Normal. Which begs th... More

Combination skin

Is your skin a double agent? If so, you’re not alone—most of us have combination skin, with certain areas of our complexion serenely balanced while other areas struggle mightily with either too much oil or not enough. And, just to keep things interesting, combination skin (or any skin type, really)... More

Building a product regimen

Like many aspects of skincare, regimens can be a bit mysterious. “Regimen” may be an overly formal way of putting it—really, it’s just a routine. And routines can be quite comforting. Read on for our thoughts on what you should include in your product regimen, why those products are important,... More

Facials & exfoliation

Facials are a little mysterious to a lot of us. Do we need them? Why? How often? To get some answers, we went to Julia March, skin care genius. We’re not the only ones who love her: according to Allure and New York Magazine, she’s one of the best facialists around, and as a result, it’s insanel... More

Sun protection

Sunscreen: we all know we should wear it. We also know that slathering thick goop on our skin and facing the world with ghostly pallor is not terribly enticing. Sigh. So is it really necessary? (Yes. And don’t worry: we carry a fantastic collection of featherweight sunscreens that will blend in... More

Men's Skin is Different

Why is it that so many men can get away with simply washing their face with soap—if they wash it at all—while women often have multiple-step skincare regimens to keep their complexions looking young and vibrant? Well, as interesting as it would be to do so, we won’t delve into the cultural expectat... More

Skincare basics for men

We’ve been approached by a number of men (somewhat bashfully, in most cases) who want to take better care of their skin but don’t know where to start. We asked Dr. Peter Kopelson, a charming and highly-regarded Beverly Hills dermatologist with a loyal male (and female) following, to help us demysti... More