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17.5 oz / 500 g bath, 2.75 oz / 75 ml lotion

Lazy Days Detox Bath is simply amazing (it was our top-selling product this fall), and Softly Does It body lotion is the perfect companion. Together, the products provide an intensive detoxifying experience while also nourishing skin and preventing the signs of aging and cellulite. Softly Does Itís natural fragrance features a blend of basil, lime, patchouli, mandarin, and lemon organic essential oils that suits both women and men. Since so many of our customers purchased these two products as gifts once we began offering them, it was only natural to offer them as a gift set with a mini size of the lotion. A great, feel-good gift for a friend (or for yourself).

Best for:
- Those who might appreciate an indulgent gift with real health benefits
- Skin types: All
- Skin concerns: All, especially Aging and Redness & Sensitivity

Price: $54.00