Can you believe it’s already time for the holiday madness to begin? Check out our top gift picks for 2016 below. What we're really proud of is the fact that all of these items are not just great gifts; they're great products, period. Because, to us, a sign of a great gift is that you secretly wish someone could get one for you, too.


1. With a Bespoke Bundle, we’ll hand pick a set of just-right gifts based on your guidelines. They’ll arrive with a handwritten note and the most eco-friendly wrap around: a reusable cotton tote.

2. Uma Absolute Anti-Aging Body Oil, which boosts elasticity and hydration while leaving skin perfectly dewy and smelling like the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever smelled

3. Silk pillowcase from The Goodnight Co., an indispensable tool for frizz-free hair and well hydrated skin

4. Esthechoc, a chocolate skincare supplement with clinical testing behind its antioxidant, circulation-enhancing power

5. Ellis Brooklyn sample gift, far and away the best way to gift fragrance (check out their new Eau de Parfum, too)

6. Les Fleurs de Bach Anti-Stress Body Lotion, which smells heavenly and uses Bach Flower Essences to calm and soothe body and mind

7 & 8. Ayla Gift Certificates (virtual, for those of you who prefer to go paperless, and physical, for those of you who want something under the tree)


Want more? We've updated the Top Picks among all the giftable items on our site so that new and exciting items are included along with old favorites.

And if you just want a few suggestions to choose from and order on your own, we’ll point you towards our top picks for your specific situation. Our Gift Guidance service is a great place to start!

Bespoke Bundle Uma Anti-Aging Body Oil Goodnight Co. Pillowcase Esthechoc
Ellis Brooklyn
Sample Gift
Les Fleurs de Bach
Anti-Stress Body Lotion
Ayla Printed
Gift Certificate
Ayla Gift