Reverie MARE

We are beside ourselves with excitement Reverie’s MARE Mediterranean Sea Mist, which in our view is the best salt spray out there. It’s multi-tasking, foolproof, smells amazing, and even comes in an adorable travel size – which you’ll need, because you’ll fall so deeply in love with this texturizing, chic-hair-making marvel that you’ll never want to be without it.

We spoke with MARE’s thoughtful and lovely creator, hair stylist Garrett Markenson, about the story behind it and his top styling tips. Read on for the details, and scroll down or click here to view the beautiful and helpful Method Of Use video Reverie made just for this product.


Ayla: What inspired you to create MARE?

GARRETT: All Reverie products are inspired by my travels and the fragrances that I collect during these times. MARE is a love story of my time spent on the Amalfi Coast — inspired by the decadent sweets of Italian pastry shops, the spicy lemon groves that dot the hillsides, and of course, the salty beach air. Of all the salt sprays I have used in my career, I’ve never found one that was the perfect balance of texturizing / volumizing / amazing fragrance / natural / non-drying — so I knew it was time to create one.


Ayla: It is indeed perfect. What type of hair does MARE really shine with? Is there any hair type that you would NOT recommend it for? 

GARRETT: Because MARE can be used as a texturizing spray or a volumizing spray, it works on mostly everyone. Fine/soft hair or hair with a bit of texture will really see the effects. The one hair type I think MARE wouldn’t be right for is super curly, because it’s not a necessary step with that hair type.


Ayla: You can spray and scrunch or twist for beachy texture or apply it to roots before blow-drying for volume. Any other specific directions or favorite ways to use it? Can it be sprayed on dry hair? Can you use too much of it?

GARRETT: MARE can definitely be used on dry hair to add some piecey texture. Because the salt helps absorb oil, using MARE at the root with a shot of cool air on second-day hair helps avoid the need for dry shampoo and revitalizes volume. All Reverie products are buildable, so you shouldn’t be afraid of using too much.


Ayla: That’s one of the many things we love about them! What products does MARE pair well with?

GARRETT: MILK should always be used as a primer, no matter what look you are trying to achieve. After air drying, I would finish the ends with RAKE.


Ayla: It contains alcohol. Will this dry out hair over time? 

GARRETT: MARE contains very little alcohol, and it’s used as a preservative. The alcohol found in Reverie products is derived from Bergamot, so it is not the same alcohol traditionally found in hair products and won’t dry the hair out.


Click here to buy MARE and get more product details, and check out the how-to video, which we love, below. You can also learn more about the Reverie brand from our previous interview with Garrett here.