Kristina Holey

We share many clients with Kristina, and it’s amazing to see how much change her treatments can effect. We describe her often as a “skincare detective” — she’s often the first to identify what’s going on with a client’s body as a result of what she sees in their skin. We see many of her clients come into our studio with a container of a special tea she’s recommended, or they might be on their way to shop for healthy groceries she’s suggested. Her treatments go far beyond traditional facials; they inspire total health. There’s nothing like them, and you have to try one. (Even if you have to wait months to get a spot on her calendar.)

In the meantime, enjoy these suggestions she’s put together to help us get our skin and our bodies in good shape for spring.


“Spring is an exciting time as we shift away from the darkness of winter and into longer, warmer days. There is also a change in our diets and a natural lightening and decongesting that occurs: we move from starchy and heavier foods towards ones that are lighter and more brightly colored. In this transition period, it is especially important to take inventory of the entire body, flush winter's excess, and prepare for the increased energy of summer. 

“Since many of us tend towards excess and indulgence over winter months, taking a break from inflammatory foods (sugar, gluten, dairy, caffeine, alcohol) to reset and recalibrate the body can be incredibly powerful. It also allows for greater body awareness so that we’re better able to listen to it and provide it with what it needs.

“Spring is also a wonderful time to analyze the skin and strengthen it in preparation for increased heat and sun exposure. During the wintertime, many people suffer from dry skin as a result of cold temperatures and indoor heating. But they tend to overcompensate with over-exfoliation in their search for fresh, glowy skin, and use excessive amounts of heavy creams with high wax/paste concentrates. This can break down the barrier layer of the skin, resulting in inflammation, redness, and congestion. Now, as we emerge into spring and begin to lighten the body, breaking from the normal routine to feed, nourish, and calm the skin can have wonderful results. Just as we spend time feeding the body with probiotics, anti-inflammatories, and antioxidants so that our digestive systems can process and eliminate winter's excess and our bodies can function properly, we need to nourish our skin to allow for a strong and flourishing ecosystem at the skin's surface. 

“This spring, rather than thinking you need to diet, strip the body of winter pounds, and sterilize or remove layers of skin, I suggest you do the opposite. Feed the body with good fats, as well as fermented, cleansing, and vibrant foods. Focus on what is really in season and what will serve you internally, allowing the body to process and purify naturally: nettles/dandelion, beet kvass, bright herbs and greens, asparagus, etc.

“As for the skin — instead of scrubbing it down, give it more attention with massage and touch. Apply products containing ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid to hydrate, look for essential fatty acids (especially omega-3) for barrier layer repair and inflammation control, and seek out antioxidants such as Astaxanthin to protect from UV and environmental stressors.” 

- Kristina


She’s a smart cookie, that Kristina. It’s no wonder she’s constantly jetting between San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles to attend to the faces of the beauty cognoscenti. If you’d like a spot on her calendar yourself, click here. It’s worth the wait, we promise.