M Picaut

Hot things are coming out of chilly Gothenburg, Sweden these days. MyHavtorn, of course; actress Alicia Vikander, Vogue’s January cover girl; and M Picaut, a gorgeous line of skincare products we love so much that we wanted to be the first to bring it stateside for you.

M Picaut is one of the best selling skincare brands in Sweden, where it’s featured in luxury spas, skincare clinics, and basically every magazine due to its unusual focus on results. Its founder, Mette Picaut — a former model with extensive training in Traditional Chinese Medicine — worked with gifted formulators to pack her products with the maximum amount of peptides (loved by dermatologists like our friend Dr. Jeannette Graf) in addition to multi-benefit botanicals like sea buckthorn (it’s from Sweden, after all, where there’s a great awareness of the benefits of both antioxidants and essential fatty acids — and sea buckthorn offers both).

The icing on the cake, though? The products look and feel like a dream. The anti-aging oil doesn't seem “oily”; the moisturizing creams and barrier-repairing balm melt into skin like butter; the nourishing cleanser feels plush and leaves skin velvety-soft. In the beauty business, such formulas are described as “cosmetically elegant.” In our view, it doesn’t get more elegant than this.

Try any one of M Picaut's creations and you’ll see why this perfectly beautiful, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and stealthily effective line has won so many awards all over Europe — and why we just had to have it on our shelves. Shop M Picaut here.

PS That's Mette pictured above. At almost 50, we think she's the perfect embodiment of the balanced, healthy, and happy approach the Swedes have towards life (and aging — or, rather, being ageless).