Julia March

Julia March is one of the top facialists in New York, according to connoisseurs such as New York Magazine, Allure, and us.

Facials are a little mysterious to a lot of us. Do we need them? Why? How often? To get some answers, we went to Julia March, natural skin care genius. We’re not the only ones who love her: according to Allure and New York Magazine, she’s one of the best facialists around, and as a result, it’s insanely tough to get an appointment with her.

Ayla: Does everyone need to get facials?
JULIA: I don't think everyone needs to get facials, but everyone could benefit from a facial. A facial is not only about cleansing the skin: With the right aesthetician, it’s a supportive environment that lets one relax and forget about daily struggles, and that benefits not only the skin (through enhanced circulation) but also the psyche, which is very valuable, too. A facial can cleanse, relax, rejuvenate, correct, uplift, and make you feel like you can face the world again!

Ayla: How often should we try to get facials?
JULIA: That depends on the condition you need to address.
• If you’re concerned about aging, sun damage, or hyperpigmentation, I would get a facial every month. There are a number of treatments you can benefit from: superficial peels, light therapy, ultrasound exfoliation, and microcurrent.
• If you have active acne, I would get a facial at least once a month for a good cleaning. Every three weeks is preferable.
• Otherwise, if you do your “homework” (you follow a good skincare regimen, you use masks on a weekly basis, and you keep your skin hydrated and balanced), you can just come in once a season.

Ayla: What is the most common question you're asked by your clients, aside from “how can you make me look ten years younger in time for my college reunion?”
JULIA: There’s lots of confusion around exfoliation — what to use, and how often to use it. Here’s my opinion:
• If you have healthy skin without any inflammation (acne), scrubs are appropriate. Always use gentle pressure! We all like to take off as many layers of our skin as possible, but it’s not good – it’s better to exfoliate more often, and gently. Look for fine scrubs with small particles, like uniform jojoba beads in a creamy base. You can use that kind of scrub almost every day in the summertime, but use it less often in other seasons.
Ayla suggestions: Luzern Micro-Exfoliant
• If you have active acne, I recommend an oatmeal-based exfoliant. Apply it with a press and release motion—don’t scrub.
Ayla suggestion: The Organic Pharmacy Flower Petal Mask
• If you have hyperpigmentation, I recommend using fruit acids and enzymes instead of scrubs to avoid irritation or inflammation.
Ayla suggestion: The Organic Pharmacy Enzyme Peel Mask

About Julia March: Julia is a natural skin care therapist who specializes in facials exclusively. From June 2000 until July 2002 she was the senior aesthetician at one of the most prestigious salons in NYC, where she offered treatments to celebrities, models and editors including Brigitte Hill, Eva Herzigova, Liv Tyler, and Miranda Brooks. She began her own practice in Soho in September 2002. According to authorities including Allure, New York Magazine, and us, she’s one of the best facialists in New York.

Learn more about Julia’s impressive background (or try to get a coveted appointment) here. 

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