M Picaut

M Picaut is one of the best selling skincare brands in Sweden, where it’s featured in luxury spas, skincare clinics, and basically every magazine due to its unusual focus on results. Its founder, Mette Picaut — a former model with extensive training in Traditional Chinese Medicine — worked with gifted formulators to pack her products with the maximum amount of peptides (loved by dermatologists like our friend Dr. Jeannette Graf) in addition to multi-benefit botanicals.

M Picaut recently introduced a new product, Hydra Miracle Serum, which has quickly become one of our favorites. Read on to find out how Mette came up with the idea; hear how she uses it to help her skin transition from the cold Swedish winter to long, warm summer days; and learn some of the secrets behind Swedish beauty.


Ayla: How did you come up with the idea for Hydra Miracle Serum?

METTE: I’d been hearing the same request over and over from some of the finest facialists here in Sweden, who were longing for a "splash of moisture" for the face: they were missing a clean, super effective hydrating serum that would work deep without prompting allergies or disturbing the skin with harsh ingredients. So my product developer and chemist, who are always searching for the newest and most effective green biotech ingredients, worked on it for about a year and eventually found a lab in Switzerland that develops the most amazing plant-based hyaluronic acids. We bought a few patents from them, remade the formula a few times, and had facialists test it out in their clinics.


Ayla: Tell us what makes it so special.

METTE: So the secret of this formula is really the highest dose of a mix of different types of hyaluronic acid, with different molecule sizes (that work on different levels), plus a tamarind fruit complex that holds 40% more moisture in the skin than even hyaluronic acid does. We put it all in a base of algae, sea buckthorn, and essential minerals that will heal, build up and plump the skin to the maximum. We also added an anti-redness complex, since lots of people are in need for that — at least here in Sweden.


Ayla: Can you share some secret tips to get the most out of it?

METTE: There are many great ways to use it, but for the best effect when layering products, always apply Hydra Miracle first. Then you can apply Precious Oil to add glow, vitamins, and a collagen boost thanks to its peptides. (Or you could use any cream or oil of your choice.)

- During colder months, or if your skin is very dry, you can mix Hydra Miracle with Precious Oil and use that as a super boosting serum. Afterwards, apply some moisturizing cream to hold in more of the moisture. My favorite is the Skin Perfect Moisturiser.

- In the warmer months, I apply Hydra Miracle Serum and then a little Skin Detox Moisturiser for a light version of a cream that’s hydrating but not too heavy.

- Also, Hydra Miracle is perfect used alone or with a little Skin Detox cream under makeup. Your husband/boyfriend, who might have oilier skin, will probably like it on its own, too.

- Finally, I often make a nourishing overnight moisture mask by mixing our Calming Cocoon Cream and Hydra Miracle Serum, then removing it when I wake up in the morning. Experiment a bit to see what proportions work best for your skin — more Cocoon cream if you're very dry, less if you're not.


Ayla: You've modeled all over the world. Do Swedish women think about beauty and approach their beauty regimens differently from women in other cultures?

METTE: Here in Sweden, we just love bare skin and skin that reflects light — skin that looks free of make up. But Swedish women are also quite practical, and we don't like spending hours in our bathrooms. So we love "all in one" or “less is more” products that are smart, pure and still efficient.


Ayla: Do you still model?

METTE: I am 49 years old and still modeling, mainly here in Sweden since I have kids and a growing company. But I love modeling, and it’s fun when it’s not too often!