April Gargiulo, the founder of Vintner’s Daughter, splits her time between San Francisco and Napa, so we see her pretty often. And on every occasion, she’s glowing and full of energy despite her crazy life as a business owner and mom of two. Naturally, we’re envious and had to get her secrets. Read on to find out how she's recharging in 2016, get her special recipe for nettle tea, and learn why her anti-aging serum is such a great daily detoxifier for your skin.

AYLA: You seem perpetually energetic, healthy, and radiant. What are your secrets? Is there anything you’re doing differently in 2016 that we can learn from?

APRIL: I like to pay constant attention to my health instead of relying on punishing two-week detoxes, so the ways I'm recharging in the new year are actually simple things that can work year round.

1.   Stay grateful.
Even when my day is bananas and I haven’t had a minute to myself, I try to be grateful for the richness and fullness of life in all its guises. It is a small act that creates big joy.

2.    Set small goals and reward yourself accordingly.
When Vintner’s Daughter first began, I would set all sorts of mini-goals and reward myself with everything from a latte to a handbag. It sounds silly, but it makes some of the less exciting things more fun.

 3.    Daily detox.
I try to not eat from 7:30 pm – 7:30 am. This allows your body time to detox from the day’s intake.  On the days when I can’t do it, I always wish I had.  

 4.    Mineralize.
I’ve been trying to add more minerals to my diet from leafy greens and broths. These are powerful skin beautifiers and missing in many modern diets. The nettle tea recipe below is one way to do it. Among its many attributes, nettle has more natural silica (which increases skin’s firmness and elasticity) than any other plant.

April’s Nettle and Peppermint Tea

Ingredients: ½ ounce of dried nettles and ½ ounce of dried peppermint

Place nettles and peppermint in a quart sized jar. Pour over hot water and place a lid on top. Let steep for at least 4 hours and as long as overnight. Strain well, squeezing nettles to remove the extra liquid. Refrigerate. Will keep for a couple of days.

AYLA: Speaking of daily detoxes, one of your objectives when you created Vintner’s Daughter was to develop a formula that would gently but effectively detoxify the skin. Which specific ingredients do that?

APRIL: The key is the formula’s Phyto Radiance Infusion. It’s painstakingly crafted from two ancient healing oils, grapeseed and hazelnut, that have been infused with three of the world’s most nutrient dense botanicals — Alfalfa, Dandelion and Nettle. Each a superstar on its own, together they compose the ultimate skin beautifying cocktail, helping to reduce inflammation, encourage cell regeneration and deeply detoxify.

AYLA: What makes these botanicals so powerful?

APRIL: They’ve been staples of healthy and balanced living for centuries. They contain a full spectrum of skin healing vitamins, including A, D, E, K, and the full family of B vitamins. They are also loaded with amino acids, biotin, calcium, beta-carotene, folic acid, iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium — all critical to youthful, resilient skin. Best of all, because Vintner’s Daughter formulation process begins with the whole leaf, all of this skin beautifying goodness is infused into every drop of our serum for the best results.

We’re devotees of April’s magical serum ourselves. Click here to check out Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, an Ayla best seller.