Melissa McMillan

Melissa McMillan is a professional makeup artist in San Francisco. She has worked with a variety of makeup and skincare brands including NARS and Benefit — where she was chosen as their national brand ambassador and a national makeup trainer due to her artistry, product expertise, and warm personality. Melissa can put absolutely anyone at ease in the makeup chair.


Spring is right around the corner! We like to stay a step ahead of things, so we asked our favorite San Francisco makeup artist, Melissa McMillan, to share some quick tips to freshen up your face for spring. She also shares some great suggestions about refreshing your makeup after work or at the end of a long day — so that you can go straight out to dinner or cocktails and prompt everyone to wonder if you took a side trip to a spa beforehand.


Ayla: What are the simplest ways to refresh your makeup look for spring?

MELISSA: Warmer weather means new colors! I always pick up a new lip and cheek color for spring in something warm and pretty, and this year it's all about pinks, peaches and corals. Bronzer, which is not always appropriate in the winter months, is fun to incorporate into your look again. Also, if you weren't using a finely milled, translucent powder to set your makeup in the colder, drier months, you really should as the weather warms up. Organic Glam makes an amazing one that isn't drying at all, and gives your skin a beautiful glow while keeping oil and shine at bay - and most importantly, keeping your coverage and SPF on.


Ayla: Any cool color trends we should know about (especially for lipstick)?

MELISSA: You've probably noticed that the '70s are back in fashion, and that influence is seen in makeup as well. The heavy, full-coverage foundation and beat-for-the-gods matte, contoured face is tired and over. Now, it's all about glowing, healthy skin. Skip the full coverage in favor of a tinted moisturizer, a blush that works with your skin tone, and if you can't resist the urge to contour, do it lightly with a bronzer. Blush and lip colors are pink, peach, coral and no longer as matte.


Ayla: Say you wear light makeup during the day and have to go out right after work or running around town for a dinner or party. How can you refresh your makeup so that your face doesn't have that dull, tired look?

MELISSA: Taking your makeup from day to night is super easy.

First and foremost, set your makeup in the morning with a translucent, finely milled loose powder (anything pressed or not ground as finely will be more drying) so your coverage stays on all day. And don't touch your face! Seriously. Please, please don't ever touch your face with makeup on. Don't even touch it without makeup on, unless you just washed your hands.

If your skin tends to be on the dry side, spritz your face with some Organic Pharmacy Rose Facial Spritz to instantly rehydrate your skin, then smooth out any flakiness or fine lines where your coverage has gathered. It will reinvigorate your skin so it looks like you just applied your makeup, and it’ll give you back the dewiness that might have worn off throughout the day. Don’t touch afterwards, but if there is a stubborn area you want to smooth that needs extra help (fine lines around the eyes, for example) gently pat — don't rub — with your middle or ring finger until your coverage is smooth again.

If you adhere to these simple rules, all you need to do to take your look from day to night is a change of lip color. Throw on something darker and bolder, and you'll instantly look chic and pulled together!  



Isn’t she brilliant? She’s really fun to hang out with, too. If you’d like to meet Melissa in person to get your own customized look for day or night — using only non-toxic, high-performance color cosmetics — she’ll be at the Ayla studio every Wednesday evening and on select Saturdays. We're thrilled to have her in the house! Click here to schedule an appointment.