Bee Shapiro

Ellis Brooklyn was created by Bee Shapiro, a chic Williamsburg mom who happens to be a style columnist for The New York Times. These sophisticated, multilayered scents, developed in collaboration with the perfumer behind Byredo, take non-toxic fragrance to a new level. Bee did a little Fragrance 101 for us that we loved, so we asked her to give us some guidance on scent layering, too. Here’s a bite-sized Fragrance 102 on the best ways to blend.


Ayla: For those of us new to scent layering, what guidance can you provide to get us started?

BEE: I was really wowed with how much a spritz of Tuberose could transform Rrose. Rrose is naturally sparkling, fresh and youthful. When I sprayed Tuberose on my wrist and then added a spritz of Rrose on top, the combination was sultry and more complex. Patchouli and Rrose is another classic combo. It makes the Rrose scent a touch more masculine and turns it more to a nighttime scent. For citrus lovers, adding Mandarin on top of Sci Fi gave it a spring-y vibe that was playful.


Ayla: Do you like layering any of your other EDPs?

BEE: I love layering Myth and Sci Fi together. A friend of mine actually did it first and told me about it. The combo is so unique and warm and delicious. 


Ayla: Do you sometimes layer milks as well?

BEE: I do! I love to layer Rrose body milk with Pseudonym body milk. The fig in the Pseudonym warms up the Rrose and gives it a sexy vibe. Or if we're talking day-to-day, I'll wear Myth body milk as a base and then spritz one of our eau de parfums on top. Lately, I've really been loving wearing Myth body milk and then adding Fable eau de parfum, which is a honeysuckle-amber, on top. The combo is fresh, fun with just the perfect hint of sweetness. 



You can't go wrong with any of the scents in her Ellis Brooklyn lineup. Want to try one out first? Try the Bibliotheca or Adventure set, or request a sample of the Body Milk or EDP using our Custom Sample Service.

Ellis Brooklyn