2017 harvest crew

We adore MyHavtorn and their products, which are fresher, purer, and packed with more sea buckthorn than any others we've tried — so you and your skin enjoy the benefits of this "miracle berry" to the hilt. We get particularly excited when it's harvest time at MyHavtorn and we can get the inside scoop on the year's production. Join us for a peek into the 2017 harvest in Bollebygd, Sweden, and an early look at MyHavtorn's newest product: their ingestible, miraculously health-boosting Fruit Oil.

(And, to learn more about the sea buckthorn plants and the production process, click here for last year's in-depth interview.)


Ayla: Tell us about this year's harvest! How did it go?


After a hectic period of harvest, as always, we have almost reached the end of it this year. Most of the berries have been picked, and the tea is packed and waits to be brewed. The harvest has been up to expectations; we were hoping for a larger tea harvest, but the wonder of nature is something you cannot affect!  

Here in Sweden, we are enjoying a sunny and beautiful September morning with blue skies overhead, and we can feel the high, pure, autumn air. Now we will let our trees rest for the winter to wake up strong next spring, and our MyHavtorn crew will switch focus from harvesting to our continued production of the best organic beauty for body, mind, and soul.

Ayla: You sent us a sneak peek at your new ingestible sea buckthorn fruit oil, which is delicious. What is it, and how do you use it?


Sea buckthorn contains two different oils, one in the fruit juice and pulp, and the other in the small seed that's inside the berry. Two different oils with quite different benefits. In our skincare products, we use a blend of the fruit and seed oil in a carefully determined ratio. The fruit oil, however, can be ingested on its own, and it is a great anti-inflammatory health booster that is unique because it is so rich in Omega 7.


A sea buckthorn tree with ripe fruit, ready to be picked

sea buckthorn tree

Berry picking is a family affair: pictured below are three generations of the Johansson family. Closest to the camera on the left is Robin's grandmother, Ruth (a.k.a. "The Mountain Goat"), who's 87 years old.

MyHavtorn harvest - family production

Baby Ellis, the fourth generation, joins the harvest crew. Here he is with Robin and Robin's father, Sven-Erik.

Baby Ellis 2017

Don't forget Fika! The Swedes take this break seriously.

Fika at MyHavtorn

Ellis is ready to get this party started and make some products in the MyHavtorn factory

Ellis at factory


We can't get enough of these products, which are favorites of our customers as well as our team (Dara faithfully uses their Organic Facial Oil every night and goes into a panic when we're getting down to our last few bottles — it's an incredibly effective rosacea tamer). Click here to browse the selection of these made-fresh-to-order miracle workers. Don't miss out on the extra special Happy Tea, which we think is a particular gem.