Robin and Ingrid

Many of us struggle with dry complexions, especially during the cooler winter months. So who better to ask for tips than our friends at MyHavtorn, who sail through the long Swedish winter with both great aplomb and great skin? Here, Robin and Ingrid (the photogenic duo behind the brand) share their top tips for great winter skin from both outside in and inside out using their beautiful, EFA-rich, elasticity-boosting products.


Winter often means spending more time inside, and dry indoor air calls for extra hydration. Be generous with your Face Cream, and don't forget to apply it in the morning. For extra care, mix a few drops of Face Oil into the cream.

Use a rich, oil-based cleanser — and you only need to cleanse in the evening. This means you can focus on hydration and protection in your morning routine, using the Essence followed by your Face Cream.

For those of you (like us) spending time below zero degrees Celsius, be sure to have both Lip Balm and Hand Cream ready to use. Lips are sensitive and in need of extra protection; hands are often exposed to the cold air even if you do try to wear gloves most of the time.

Spend time outside and defy rougher weather. Do your daily walk to soak in Vitamin D and fill up with endorphins from movement and exercise. Rough weather makes you strong!

Sprinkle some Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil over your salad or smorgas (open-face sandwich), or put 1/4 teaspoon in your smoothie. It can help with skin hydration and overall skin elasticity as well as dry eyes and mucous membranes.

Light a lot of candles, make a fire, and make it extra cozy. Winter is the perfect time for coziness! We love cozy moments, so we have a special word for our Cozy Fridays — Fredagsmys — when we gather with family or friends to eat, drink and hang out. Time with friends and family is always a good energy boost! For those of you who don't do Cozy Fridays, winter is the perfect time to start. 

- Robin & Ingrid


Note from our founder, Dara: The Cozy Fridays thing is actually serious business in Sweden. I'm glad Ingrid and Robin told me about it during their last visit to California, because when I went to visit them in Sweden, one of the first places I stopped was a gigantic grocery store — and posters everywhere asked, "Are you ready for Friday?" I also saw that an entire aisle was devoted to Cozy Friday taco fixings. (I kid you not. An entire aisle in the massive, Wal-Mart-sized grocery store...all tacos. It's the preferred meal for Fredagsmys these days.)

Click here for more quick observations on the cozy concept, shared in an email newsletter I sent from my visit to Scandinavia.