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"What is your skin type?" Ah, the question that appears to be so simple yet consistently flummoxes so many of us. There’s a confusing jumble of options to choose from: Sensitive, Delicate, Dry, Aging, Sun-Damaged, Very Oily, Oily, Combination, Mature, Acne—and then there’s Normal. Which begs the question: does that mean the rest of us are abnormal? (The answer, emphatically, is “no.”) We sought to simplify the process a bit and put this guide together with aesthetician Julia March's help.

Facialists not only see their clients’ skin under magnifying mirrors — they also frequently recommend products and have the opportunity to see how well those products work over time. We asked top facialist Julia March what she thinks everyone concerned about aging should use on his or her skin to create a natural anti-aging skincare regimen.