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There have been some rumblings over the past year about the effects of HEV light — the type emitted from smartphones, computers, and tablets — on skin. While we tried to swat those worries away (don’t we have enough skin woes to worry about?), they niggled at the back of our minds, so we called Elizabeth Hale, MD, renowned dermatologist, sun protection expert, and Vice President of the Skin Cancer Foundation,to get the full scoop. 

We hate to behave like that annoying frenemy who always seems to be finding something more you could be doing, but it’s true: just using sunscreen isn’t enough. You should also get a skin cancer screening every year, according to Elizabeth Hale, MD, celebrated dermatologist and Vice President of the Skin Cancer Foundation. Check out our brief Q&A with her about skin cancer screening ; she also includes a tidbit about how plankton can help save your skin. 

Sunscreen: we all know we should wear it. We also know that slathering thick goop on our skin and facing the world with ghostly pallor is not terribly enticing. Sigh. So is it really necessary? (Yes. And don’t worry: we carry a fantastic collection of featherweight mineral sunscreens that will blend invisibly into your skin.)
To understand what we need to know about sunscreen and clear up a few frequently asked questions, we spoke to Elizabeth K. Hale, M.D., a leading expert in the field of dermatology with a particular passion for sun protection. She's a devoted runner, and she's the Vice President of The Skin Cancer Foundation.