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What you do to feed and protect your body’s cells as they produce energy — how you feed and protect those cells’ mitochondria, to be exact — can have a profound effect on the energy and overall health of your whole body. This invites a proactive approach to health, not the reactive “problem-solution” approach that we are so used to taking. And this is why we think everyone in the health and wellness world is going to be talking about mitochondria next. (Mitochondria: it’s the new microbiome.)

It also led us to think, “What does this mean for skincare?” Serendipitously, when we were talking recently with the brilliant chemist Marie Veronique about what's new in skincare, she mentioned, “It’s all about the mitochondria.” Dara’s ears perked up at the m word, and she and Marie decided that they had to dig into this topic for Ayla straight away. Because if we can take a proactive approach to our health and energy levels at the cellular level, and ultimately feel better, shouldn’t we do that with skincare, and ultimately look better?

Marie-Veronique Nadeau is something of a folk hero in the natural / non-toxic / green beauty world. We were delighted to interview Marie about her marvelous Probiotic+Exfoliation Mask, its benefits beyond stimulating cell turnover, and how we can all be thinking about exfoliation differently. Read on to learn more about Exfoliation 2.0.

Two of our favorite skin gurus, Kristina Holey & Marie Veronique, recently visited the Ayla studio together to share some of their wisdom. In this two and half minute video, they discuss perioral and periorbital dermatitis: what it looks like, common triggers, and suggested approaches.

Two of our favorite skin gurus, Kristina Holey & Marie Veronique, recently visited the Ayla studio together to share some of their wisdom. In this quick little video, they discuss product layering: when it can be helpful to layer serums in your skincare routine, and how they suggest approaching the layering process.

Marie Veronique is one of our most beloved brands; Kristina Holey is one of the most celebrated facialists in the country. Anything they do together is bound to be extraordinary. When we heard they were collaborating on a set of skincare serums that would address skin barrier malfunction — key to solving issues like perioral dermatitis, rosacea, and adult acne, as well as generally sensitive, unbalanced skin — we immediately thought, “Oooooh!” and started pestering them for more info. Read on for interesting tidbits and key tips to getting the most out of these wonder-formulas.

Marie-Veronique Nadeau has developed a well-deserved reputation in natural and non-toxic beauty circles as something of an acne-fighting wizard. We were delighted to interview Marie about her Treatment line of skincare products, her new book about acne causes and solutions, and her unique approach to natural acne treatment in general. Read on to learn more.

Marie-Veronique Nadeau and her eponymous skincare line have been on our radar for some time. But it wasn’t until someone described her as a “mad scientist with a heart of gold” that we really sat up and paid attention to this wonderful little brand from Berkeley. (Is there anything more intriguing than all of those things put together?) Check out our entertaining and informative interview with Marie herself.