Glamour Food at Ayla

The Organic Pharmacy has launched Glamour Food, a line of affordably priced natural skincare products — all under $30 — that are packed with food grade ingredients, with a particular focus on antioxidant-rich cocoa and berry extracts. As The Organic Pharmacy puts it, it’s “skincare so pure, it’s good enough to eat.”

Yes, these products are so toxin-free that you can really eat them, which brings new meaning to the term “desert-island beauty picks." But we hope you are able to identify other foods to enjoy, because it would be really sad for us to find you sustaining yourself with the odd squirt of Facial Moisture Elixir. There are so many good things in the world to eat.

Anyway, Glamour Food works for just about all skin types, smells lovely, and includes picks for both face and body. As we're just launching the line on our website today, we haven't gotten any questions about it, so we thought we'd go ahead and answer what we think will be the most frequently asked ones.

1) Why the price difference between Glamour Food and The Organic Pharmacy’s signature line?
The packaging isn't as luxe: No beautiful glass canisters in this line (though the recyclable plastic containers are beautifully portable). And Glamour Food uses fewer botanical extracts than The Organic Pharmacy's other products. Plus, those botanicals are less expensive types that don’t do quite as much heavy lifting as the serious anti-agers in, for instance, the marvelous Antioxidant Serum.
But remember that we're talking about The Organic Pharmacy here — a company that has such high standards for ingredients, it's almost crazy (in a good way). These formulas are still far more impressive than what you'd find at the typical department-store counter or Sephora. If you’re looking for excellent, non-toxic, reasonably priced products to keep your complexion in great shape, this is the line for you.

2) How can a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer possibly work for all skin types?
Another excellent question that has to do with technique and the unique texture of these formulas. The Hydrating Skin Tonic is one of the keys to making the line work across a range of skin types: If you tend to be on the dry side, it's a must. It'll help lock in some extra hydration before you apply the moisturizer. And the other key is that the Facial Moisture Elixir can be used as liberally as needed on drier skins without feeling greasy or heavy.

Intrigued? Click here to check out the products online, and if you live in San Francisco and want to try them out in person, schedule an appointment to come in for some one-on-one help or just pop in during our normal hours (M-F, 10am-5pm)! We’d love to see you.