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CBD Body Oil: Juna's Ease

Juna Ease

When CBD was first on everyone’s minds a few years ago, we started hunting for good resources to help us understand it. All paths seemed to lead to Jewel Zimmer, the founder of Juna: “If you want to hear about CBD,” everyone told us, “You’ve got to talk to Jewel.”

So we did, and we found her delightful. (You can read more about Jewel and Juna in this wonderful article from San Francisco Magazine, which introduces her far more beautifully than we could.) Equally delightful is her lineup of products — especially the Ease body oil she developed, which our founder slathers on her always-tense shoulders every night...and slathers on her whole body after a Sea Soak when she wants an extra-relaxing experience.

While we can’t sell Ease yet due to regulations, we’re delighted to partner with Juna to give you 15% off your order on their website with the code AYLA. 

Want to learn more about why Ease is so potent and pure? Check out our interview with Jewel below.


Ayla: What inspired you to develop Ease?
JEWEL: So many of the CBD topicals on the market are laden with numbing, drying menthol and I wanted to develop a topical formula that actually interacted with the skin to develop a long term healing relationship instead of a quick fix sensation. 

Ayla: How did you think about the formula as you were creating it?
JEWEL: I began creating our Ease functional body oil by thinking of all the ways I could serve the skin while simultaneously addressing physical pain and tension. At Juna, we only use certified organic or biodynamically grown ingredients to ensure that every drop of our formulas is nutrient rich. We partnered with someone known as “the godfather of medicinal essential oil therapy” on this formula to ensure our Ease topical not only smells and feels incredible, but also has physical and mental benefits from the essential oil blend as well as the CBD.

The blend is very unusual and exotic. Its base is jojoba oil to hydrate the skin, packed with turmeric oil to target inflammation and cell renewal; clary sage to balance, stabilize, and calm all skin types (our essential oil expert deems this the holy grail of essential oils, and it is especially powerful for women); lavender to calm and offer antibacterial properties; geranium to soothe irritated skin; bergamot for its analgesic qualities; rose to support cell regeneration, which can be helpful for eczema and dermatitis; ravinsara (which is from the camphor family) to release tension and soothe sore muscles; ylang ylang to boost the regenerative process and regulate oil production; and, last but not least, whole-plant hemp extract, rich in CBD and antioxidants to combat aches, pains, and inflammation. These compounds all work individually as well as collectively to activate receptors beneath the skin to maintain optimal, long term health.

Ayla: What benefits do people most frequently mention after using it?
JEWEL: Physical relief and release. Also, a grounding psychological experience and glowing, radiant, hydrated healthy skin.

Ayla: You are very careful about your CBD sourcing, which we love. Tell us about the growers you work with and what led you to partner with them.
JEWEL: We work with multiple small family farms in California, Vermont, Colorado, and Kentucky. All use organic and regenerative practices like permaculture and companion-planting techniques — this is when other plants like roses, thyme and basil are planted in between the hemp plants. The plants then form a symbiotic relationship and share terpenes (flavor, aroma, and medicinal properties), developing a complex, nutrient rich hemp plant that surpasses the efficacy of the industrial hemp/CBD that you’ll find in the majority of products today.  

For this particular formula, we chose a single origin hemp plant from Colorado that is naturally high in a terpene called beta caryophyllene (a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.)

Shop Juna here and pick up the Ease body oil (it’s fantastic). Don't forget to use your AYLA discount code! If you’re curious about ingestible CBD, too, theirs is top-shelf — and, as CBD pioneers, they’re absolutely the people to go to with your CBD-related questions.

Any topic discussed in this article is not intended as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please check with your doctor.

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