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Inika Foundation Shade Finder

We think everyone should try Inika's foundation products! Please use the images and video below to help you find the best shade.


Inika's Certified Organic BB Cream & Liquid Foundation both come in 6 shades. Use the chart below to guide you; if you need more help, email us at with a photo and we'll send you our suggestions. You can also order two shades of your choice through our Custom Sample Service or order an Inika Trial Pack (the Trial Packs include the Liquid Foundation, not the BB Cream, but the shades are exactly the same).

Inika Liquid Shade Finder



We love these baked mineral foundations, which are Inika's version of the pressed powder — baking the powder on a terracotta tile allows them to avoid the less than desirable ingredients that are sometimes added to pressed powders to prevent them from crumbling. 
To choose your color, use the guide below. You can also order one of Inika's Trial Packs; each one includes two shades of their loose powder foundation, and those shades are exactly the same as those of the Baked Mineral Foundation. (In case you were curious, we do have some of those in stock at our studio, so if you fall in love with the loose powder, just let us know and we'll show you how to order it. We just prefer the portability, ease, and minimized powder mess of the Baked version.)

Inika Powder Shade Finder



Want to know how to test your powder color? Check out this video from Australian makeup artist Emmily Banks — she provides some helpful tips (in an adorable accent).


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