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Manasi7's Summer 2022 Makeup Tutorial

A coral glow for summer 2022

Manasi7 was created by Susanne Manasi Persson, a Stockholm-based makeup artist whose approach is at the same time deeply thoughtful and refreshingly boundary-crushing, inspiring us to mix and match and play. We asked Susanne to create a 2022 summer makeup tutorial for us, and she graciously sent us this detailed list of instructions; visit us on Instagram to see Sarah applying the colors in video format.


A coral, glowy look is flattering across all skin tones and manages to be extremely versatile in its delivery; it is at once a pop of color, while somehow being mellow enough to complement the other shades on your face.  

How to create the look

1. Start by moisturizing your skin with your favorite face oil, balm, or moisturizer.

2. To achieve an effortlessly even skin tone, mix any of the Skin Enhancer shades into your perfect match for your skin tone. Give your Skin Enhancer added lustre and less coverage by mixing it with All Over Shine, Cristallo before application. Apply with fingers or foundation brush.
As a concealer, apply the Skin Enhancer with fingers or concealer brush on areas that need more coverage.

3. Apply the Bronzelighter, Roseate with fingers or foundation brush as a cream bronzer on your cheekbones, temples and under your chin.

4. Apply All Over Shine, Kaito with your fingers as a highlighter on the top of your cheekbones, nose bridge and under your eyebrows (on the brow bone).

5. Swipe Silk Finish Powder, Translucent with a powder puff or brush on t-zone for setting makeup.

6. Apply All Over Colour in a coral shade (like Densuke) on cheeks as blush.

7. Apply that same coral shade mixed with Ikura on lips. Apply with fingers or a lip brush. Apply All Over Shine, Kaito on top for added shine.

8. Apply All Over Shine, Kaito on eyelids for a dewy, glossy, iridescent effect.

9. Brush your eyebrows gently with a spooly brush and add a tiny amount of All Over Shine, Cristallo to keep them in place.

10. Add Precision Mascara on your lower and upper eyelashes.

- Susanne 

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