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Our current mood-lifting favorites: September 2020

Sometimes we imagine that, inside each one of us, there’s a little cheerleader jumping up and down, waving pom-poms, calling to us, “You can do it! You’ve got this!” 

It can be a charming, motivating visual. But this year, for so many of us — everywhere — there have been a number of days when that cheerleader’s pom-poms might have looked a little frayed. (Or the cheerleader, having been knocked off its feet briefly, can barely manage a meek “Yeah!” while holding one of those frayed pom-poms up in the air from a prone position on the ground.)

Want to know what our team’s been reaching for most frequently to help bolster our spirits? Most of us have shared our current favorites below — along with our photos, since you might talk to any one of us on the phone from time to time, and it can be nice to put a face to a name. 

And it may come as no surprise that every one of these lists includes Bach Flower essences. Between the global pandemic and the wildfires tearing through California and the rest of the West, we've needed them more than ever.



I call these my de-stressing bookends:
First, I spray Anti-Stress Treating Fragrance every morning after my shower — I spritz this into the air and take in its gorgeous & calming scent as I go through my skincare regimen.
Then, at night, I spray Sleep Room Treatment Spray just before bed.
And let's just say, since the pandemic began, I've been spraying vigorously! This ritual has helped me get through these difficult times and I can't go without them.

I also enjoy the Ayurvedic practice of giving myself a foot massage before bed. I love to use UMA Pure Calm Wellness Oil for this. While I work it into my skin, I like to focus on absorbing its calming essential oils. And, bonus: my feet are always so soft the next morning.




Les Fleurs de Bach Anti-Stress Body Oil and Body Scrub
As soon as I smell these products, I can feel my shoulders drop and jaw unclench. The scent is incredibly relaxing. And using these two products is the most beautiful, rewarding ritual before bed: I use the massage oil on my legs to work out tight spots at the end of the day. The steep hills in SF are not kind to the calves!

Kristina Holey + Marie Veronique Balancing Hypotonic
This has become a staple for me in my skincare regimen. It's remarkably hydrating and balancing for my skin. It's one of those products I didn't realize how much my skin needed until I tried it. Now, I'm so scared of running out of it, I always have a spare one tucked away in my bathroom cabinet! 

Dr. Anna Gold Balance tincture
I’m officially hooked on this. I really began to feel a change during my second bottle. I found I was able to focus on tasks without feeling overwhelmed. I was more calm and less irritable on days where things were becoming all a little too much (2020 has been testing, to say the least!). I feel grateful to have found a product that helps alleviate stress, aids focus, and helps with premenstrual symptoms.

The Goodnight Co. Sleep Mask
I wear this every night, without fail. I wasn't aware of how much light affected my sleep until I wore this. It's silky soft on my skin, the band is adjustable, and it helps me to sleep a full eight hours if that's what my body needs.




Some of my favorites right now are the Les Fleurs de Bach Anti-Stress Pastilles and the Anti-Stress Room Treatment Spray.
Exercise has always been my go-to for stress relief. But with COVID-19 and the fires, it’s hard to even go outside at all, and exercise has come nearly to a complete halt. So more and more often, I find myself reaching for the pastilles during the day (that cute little French tin goes with me everywhere), and for the room spray in the evening, where the simple act of misting and deeply inhaling sets my intention to relax.

A few of my other current favorites are:

Twelve Reverent Body Oil - I love the silkiness of this dry oil, and every time I use it, my husband comments that our bathroom smells like a spa!

27 Rosiers Ready Selfie Go Mask - when I use this in the evening, I wake up to brighter skin every time. I also appreciate how quick it is. 10 minutes on and done!

Kosas Chemistry AHA Serum Deodorant - I never knew I could get so excited about a deodorant, but here we are. Absolutely zero stink and zero irritation, even in the sweatiest of circumstances. Really.



My favorite Les Fleurs de Bach Elixirs are the Letting Go Elixir and the Stress Elixir. I use both more than I'd like to admit these days! I also dilute a few drops in water for my kids when they feel like they need the extra support. I love that they’re gentle and safe enough even for children.

Our Sea Soak is another favorite. More and more, I'm appreciating the little rituals that keep me calm and grounded. Taking baths has been amazing for this, and the Sea Soak makes the ritual extra special. I also sleep like a baby afterward.

And Max & Me The Intuitive: this mist is not only so calming and hydrating for the skin, but also will help shift a mood or lift your spirits. I use it on the whole family! It also makes a beautiful gift.



Dara at Ayla

I’ve struggled with sleep for as long as I can remember. Of all the things I’ve tried — prescription and otherwise — nothing has helped me more than the Sleep Elixir. It's not a cure-all for everyone, but it has truly helped me.

I've also frequently taken the Stress Elixir during the day; it just seems to help soften the day’s edges. Putting eight drops in a big water bottle that I sip throughout the day encourages me to drink water, too. But my favorites might be the Anti-Stress Pastilles. They work just as well as the Stress Elixir and they feel like a little treat, so they stop me from eating too many of my kids' gummy vitamins. (I know, I know: they're not a snack.)

I’ve been enjoying the evenings when I get to take a Sea Soak more than ever these days. It is such a special product. Sometimes I’ll mix it up and take plain Epsom salt baths instead, and there’s just no comparison. The Sea Soak feels deeper, more comforting, and more nourishing. 

Afterwards, I apply Dara’s Oil to my face, neck, and chest and do a Gua Sha routine or just a simple massage on my face, neck, and scalp with my hands. Something about this ritual feels so complete and rejuvenating, and I love supporting our home-state brands and suppliers especially during times like this.

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