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Our team's late 2020 favorites

The other day, I talked to a customer who said of our team, “This might sound strange, and it’s probably entirely one-sided, but I feel like I have a relationship with you all. You feel like friends.”  

I assured her that it’s not at all one-sided; our mission has always been about building genuine relationships. But the small and mighty team of women at Ayla’s HQ brings that mission to life with more care and conviction than you might imagine.

Since the pandemic turned the world upside down, one of the things I have been proudest of — and most thankful for — is this group of five women. I have been genuinely astounded by their dedication and kindness, their teamwork, and the gratitude they’ve expressed for the joy that Ayla brings to their own lives. The delight of working with them all is on my (very short) list of favorite things about wild and crazy 2020.

I also think they’re some of the best product experts you could ask for. So, as a refreshing change from my own favorites, I’ve asked each one of them to share their three current favorites from our shelves. The common thread in all of their responses was, "It's so hard to choose just three!" But they did it, and you'll find their picks below.





Ane is known on our team not only for her deep expertise in Bach Flowers and soothing, "here, snuggle up in this nice, warm blanket" demeanor, but also for her ingredient knowledge and exacting product standards — so you know whatever she suggests will be best-in-class.

"TWELVE's Elixir is a staple in my morning regimen; I love that my skin gets noticeable hydration, plus vitality, with every use. Marie Veronique's Treatment Serum is my acne breakout savior! And Ursa Major's Morning Mojo soap is a quick self-care experience that puts me in a good mood."



Elena's photo may be next to the word "commitment" in the dictionary, and whatever she's doing, you can be sure she's 100% on top of it. Between Ayla and Ayurveda, she's always racing around — so she reaches for products that pamper.

"I look forward to the Luzern Cleansing Creme every morning: it's so cushy. After a long, hot shower, I love to apply LIHA's Idan Oil to my legs. It feels like I'm being held in a warm, beautifully scented hug all day long. And M Picaut's Hydra Lagoon Mask is so quick and easy, it's perfect for nights when I may not have a lot of time. The next morning, my skin is always so soft!"



Ellen is so kind and thoughtful that we're wondering if she may be up for sainthood soon. (Until then, could there be a better person to head up customer care? Everyone loves Ellen.) Her picks reflect the perfect blend of self-care and practicality.

"The Luzern Hydra Cleansing Emulsion feels like so much more than a cleanser to me. It has a beautiful spa-like scent and breaks down makeup like a dream. And 27 Rosiers Here We Glow Again is awesome: a must for those who spend hours behind a screen. Finally, while I had plenty of moments this year where I just wasn't bothered about putting on makeup, I've tried the last few months to wear a little on my eyes every day, and it has done me a world of good. Kosas Eyeshadow in Globe and Inika Long Lash mascara are extremely easy to apply, look elegant, and give my eyes the little pop I'm looking for."



Natalie inspires us all with her energy, optimism, and "everything is an opportunity!" point of view. This yogini and Kundalini instructor loves products that boast serious benefits not only for skin and hair, but also for mind and spirit.

"The magic of the Sea Soak is not only in the incredible relaxation, but also in the gel that leaves your skin and hair softer than you knew possible. When I rub the MyHavtorn cleanser on for the duration of my favorite song and then remove it with a cotton cloth, I always see fresh, healthy, glowing skin. And I love to spend a day on the yoga mat — or a cozy couch with a book —and the LIHA candle lighting my path to relaxation."



Sarah's photo may be next to the word "radiant" in the dictionary: after every team call, the rest of us ask how it's possible to look so perfect on Zoom...and then wonder how soon we can open our treatment room so that our fun Ayla teammate and gifted esthetician can make us look that way, too. Luckily, these products might do the trick:

"I'm forever chasing that 'I just took a brisk walk in the fresh air' look. I love everything from MyHavtorn, but their Facial Oil is my favorite moisturizer when my skin's feeling dull and depleted since it's packed with antioxidants and all the omegas! I'm also loving the circulation-boosting YULI Pure Mask these days; my skin always looks brighter after I use it. And the Kristina Holey + Marie Veronique Barrier Restore Serum keeps my moisture balance in check. Great for keeping skin resilient during transitions like changing seasons or travel (remember that?). I also love layering it over my Retinol at night!"

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