What Dara's using: August 2020


I shared my facial routine this past December, and while there are a few differences in my routine these days, they’re pretty small tweaks. To make this update a little more exciting, I thought I’d share what I use for my hair and body as well, since it all comes from our shelves and I get questions about those, too.

So, at the risk of boring you all, here’s the list of everything beauty/wellness related that I currently use on a regular — if not daily — basis.



AM/PM Cleanser: I love YULI Halcyon Cleanser when I feel like a nice, refreshing gel wash: I frequently go for this one in the morning or after exercise.
If I’m wearing a thick spackle of sunscreen, or if I just want a deeper cleanse, I use TWELVE Clementine Cleansing Balm (with the Softest Muslin Cloth, always). I love to follow it up with 27 Rosiers Fight Grime Cleanser as a double cleansing step, especially during warmer weather.

AM/PM Mist: YULI Cocoon Elixir
I'm usually devoted to YULI’s Metamorphic Elixir, but when my skin feels a little fussy, I switch to this one for more of a coddling effect after cleansing. This has been a fixture in my routine for the past few months. (Since March 16, to be exact, when shelter-in-place was announced in SF. Stress can make my skin pretty tetchy.)

AM/PM Serum:
I still love YULI Ambrosia Beauty Nectar in the morning: I find that it gives my skin the vibrance that I always hope to see. At night, I’ve been using Dr. Devgan’s Platinum Hyaluronic Serum for its firming benefits and soothing effect.

I continue to be devoted to the mix of a long-chain hyaluronic acid serum (TWELVE Ideal Moisture Level Serum) with an oil. While my YULI and Dr. Devgan serums also contain hyaluronic acid, those are mixed-molecular-weight and I use them for their ability to get deeper into the skin to encourage firmness. This serum, on the other hand, features the largest molecular size of hyaluronic acid that you can get, which means it creates a permeable film on top of the skin that draws moisture in very effectively, which can be particularly helpful if your skin tends to get dehydrated.

For the oil part of the mix, I’m currently using my forever-favorite Dara’s Oil from Marie Veronique at night; it calms my skin and makes it feel deeply nourished without heaviness. During the daytime, I’ve been using YULI M.E. Skin Fuel, which feels like the perfect weight for summer days and — along with Ambrosia —gives skin a beautiful glow along with excellent antioxidant protection.

I usually use 4-5 drops of the TWELVE serum mixed with 3 drops of Dara’s Oil or 4 drops of M.E. Skin Fuel, and I massage them in more deeply with Lanshin’s Gua Sha tool at least once a day.

Sunscreen/face makeup:
These days, I’ve been using a lot of Suntegrity’s Unscented SPF 30 sunscreen (which was originally designed for both bodies and babies). It’s incredibly soothing and my skin has just been needing that these days. It’s a little white on my face, so I sometimes warm things up with Kosas The Sun Show Bronzer in Medium and Orcé Come Closer Foundation in 030 — which I use sparingly, like a concealer. It has a beautiful, natural finish.

I adore MyHavtorn’s Lip Balm, which is an unsung hero(ine) on our shelves. It’s in a stick, which is handy when you’re trying to avoid touching your face, and it is incredibly nourishing. I also just love all things MyHavtorn and it makes me happy when I use it.

I also love Olio E Osso’s Tinted Balms; when founder Paola La Morticella came to visit earlier this year, she put Persimmon on my lips — a color I’d previously ignored, since I usually gravitate towards plummy shades — and I loved it.

Eyes: BioRecept Global Sun’Shine
I sometimes get a little lazy about eye products, but this one is just so good that I look forward to using it. It feels nice and cooling during the summer, and while the texture is very light, it’s perfectly hydrating. Its creator, Anne Dupouy-Camet, recently described its effect to me as “just wouah,” which is about right.

I don’t wear much eye makeup on a regular basis, but I do love a quick swipe of Lily Lolo Natural Mascara in Black and Kosas 10-Second Eyeshadow in Globe.

Mask: Marie Veronique Probiotic + Exfoliation Mask
This mask is (was/will be) a fixture in our treatment room at Ayla because it works so beautifully on everyone. I love the fact that it takes just 3-5 minutes and immediately imparts a very satisfying glow and smoothness to skin. It’s particularly helpful for those days when you look in the mirror and your pores are a little too congested for your liking. 


I take a ton of baths and showers, and each one presents an opportunity afterwards to slather myself with a body oil, which I love. I use either MyHavtorn’s Body Oil, when I want something richer, or TWELVE Reverent Antioxidant Body Oil, when I want something lighter and zestier. They’re both just magical.

And every other night, I use Ayla + MyHavtorn Foot Therapy to keep my feet smooth. I love that it doesn’t make me slide around in the shower the next morning — it strikes the perfect balance between quick absorption and nourishment.

As I mentioned, I take a ton of baths, especially these days: each Sea Soak and Straight Up Seaweed is like a massage for me. My kids love making compost tea from my post-bath bags of seaweed, and I really think it’s helped our houseplants as well as all the vegetables in our garden. Seaweed seems to perk them up right away when they’ve gone a little droopy, just as it does with me.

This fits under skin and body alike, but I’ll just list it here since it usually comes into play after my bath: I adore my silk pillowcase and eye mask from The Goodnight Co. It’s absolutely true that once you use a silk pillowcase you can’t go back.


I shudder to think what I would have done during the past few months without Dr. Anna Gold’s Balance. When I don’t take it, I genuinely notice a difference, and it’s not good — so I've been taking it every single day along with her Defend tincture while I’m making my morning coffee or matcha.

I also love Activist 850 and have a little spoonful every day. I think it’s a miracle worker, and I think we can use all the immune support we can get these days.


My hair has a mind of its own, but there are a few things that can fairly predictably keep it under control these days.

I started using my kids’ Enfance Paris 0-3 Years Shampoo when we were traveling a few years ago, and I’ve loved it ever since. It’s simple, it’s easy to lather (I love lather — old habits die hard, especially with hair), and it leaves my hair feeling really light and clean.

I’ve loved Evolvh UltraShine Conditioner for years: it helps my hair detangle immediately, with this beautifully buttery feel that doesn’t weigh it down after being rinsed out. If my hair is feeling extra unruly, I’ll follow that up with some Kahina Argan Oil, which I rinse out as well — a fantastic hairstylist named Sunnie Brook shared that tip with me once, and it's a great one.

These days, I usually just spritz on some Josh Rosebrook Serum Spray and air-dry my hair, but it’s also a great heat protectant when I dry my hair. (If you, too, have unruly hair and you haven’t yet tried the Dyson hair dryer, you must. It’s worth every penny. It was my 40th birthday gift to myself, and three years later I’m more in love with it than ever.)

And if you ever came to my house, you'd probably find it difficult to walk into a room that didn't have a TEK brush or comb lying around. My daughter and I love them. 

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