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Biocyte Activ Inpulp

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  • Biocyte Activ Inpulp
  • Glycoserum EF
  • Biocyte Activ Inpulp
  • Glycoserum EF

Biocyte Activ Inpulp



Biocyte Activ Inpulp is the next big thing from Biocyte, the French market leader in high-end beauty and anti-aging dietary supplements. We’re already big fans of their star supplement, Hyaluronic Forte; Activ Inpulp is designed to take results to the next level.

While the hyaluronic acid-filled Hyaluronic Forte is the supplement we suggest for dehydrated skin that’s seeing the first signs of aging, Activ Inpulp is for you if your skin is particularly dry, redness-prone, or well into the aging process. It features a plant-derived ingredient called Glycoserum EF, which contains phytoceramides, glycolipids, and phospholipids that hone in on dry, itchy, ruddy skin and significantly reduce wrinkles. (The photo you’ll see if you click on the thumbnail to your left, taken during clinical trials of Glycoserum EF, speaks for itself.) It also contains zinc and vitamin C for additional support of healthy skin.

You could take Activ Inpulp on its own, but you’ll see the best results if you use it along with Hyaluronic Forte – especially if your skin has snapped into "insanely dry, itchy-red, and alarmingly lined" mode. It’s similar to the way we suggest layering a hydrating hyaluronic acid serum underneath a moisturizing oil on skin that’s very dry and dehydrated: hydration and moisture, used together, elicit the best results.

We were so excited about this supplement that we actually got it in stock before the packaging was ready in English (!) — so you’ll receive a printed page of information along with your order, and you’ll find it all in the product detail tabs below, too.

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Best for:

  • Those looking for more moisture, less redness, and fewer lines in their skin
  • Skin types: Combination-Dry, Dry
  • Skin concerns: Aging, Redness & Sensitivity, Dehydration


Size Full size
Key Ingredients - Glycoserum EF
- Vitamin C
- Zinc
All Ingredients Glycoserum EF® [wheat seed extract Triticum aestivum] 350 mg of which glycolipids 70 mg, phospholipids 24.5 mg and ceramides 0.7 mg; Capsule shell (gelatin, gelling agent: glycerol, colours: iron oxides, titanium dioxide); L-ascorbic acid (of which vitamin C 30 mg); Thickener: white beeswax; Zinc oxide (of which zinc 10 mg). Certified gluten free.

How to Use

Take 1 capsule daily, with a meal and a full glass of water, for 1 to 3 months.