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Anti-aging chocolate supplement developed by a University of Cambridge spin-off lab

21 pieces, each 7.5 g

This food supplement, which conveniently comes in the form of 72.6% dark chocolate, is the real deal: in a 4-week, double-blind trial at Cambridge University among 3000 women between the ages of 50 and 60, Esthechoc was proven to significantly reduce inflammation, increase antioxidant activity, and improve microcirculation in the skin. 

How? Each single-serving piece is packed with astaxanthin, an algae-derived antioxidant that’s 6000 times more powerful than vitamin C and is commonly recommended by doctors as a type of “internal sunscreen support.” Esthechoc has also managed to pack as many cocoa polyphenols (the good, antioxidant-rich stuff in dark chocolate) as you’d find a typical 500-calorie dark chocolate bar into a delicious, 38-calorie chocolate wafer that’s intended to be eaten every day, completely free of guilt.

The Doctors have raved about it, and until now, the only retailer lucky enough to carry it has been Harrods in London. We’re thrilled to be Esthechoc's first US retailer.

Each box contains 21 individually wrapped pieces. Conveniently, that’s just enough to get you through three weeks — at which point it’s been clinically shown to help skin look more nourished and benefit from greater protection against free radicals.

PS If you know of anyone who loves chocolate and would love a real excuse to eat it even more, we can’t think of a better gift idea.


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Best for:

  • Chocolate fans who are interested in supporting healthier, younger-looking, and younger-acting skin from the inside out
  • Skin types: All
  • Skin concerns: All, especially Aging and Redness & Sensitivity


Size No
Key Ingredients Astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant derived from algae, induces anti-inflammatory action, improves oxygen transport in plasma, and has a beneficial effect on the levels of oxygen in the skin

Cocoa epicatechin polyphenols boost skin microcirculation and have a powerful antioxidant effect
All Ingredients Cocoa solids (72.6% minimum), sugar, fat-reduced cocoa powder, cocoa butter, emulsifier: lecithin (from soybeans), astaxanthin.

How to Use

Eat one individually-wrapped piece every day. (Sadly, it is recommended not to exceed the daily dose.)