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Marie Veronique

Marie Veronique

On a mission to create safe skincare that truly makes a difference, Marie-Véronique Nadeau began formulating products 10+ years ago. Her training in chemistry & aesthetics is clearly visible in these beautiful new formulas, which are rapidly developing a cult following among editors, celebrities, and top facialists. Click here to learn more about Marie and the wonderful products she whips up in her Berkeley, CA lab.

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  1. Marie Veronique Pre+Probiotic Daily Mist

    Soothing mist with anti-inflammatory botanicals and probiotics

    4 oz full size / 1 oz travel size

    This soothing mist is one of our favorite products because it’s so versatile. It instantly refreshes and calms skin with hydrating coconut water, anti-inflammatory sodium salicylate, and soothing calendula. If you're a face oil fan, a mist like this is a must-have, since it'...

  2. Marie Veronique Treatment Oil

    Skin-clearing, decongesting moisturizing oil

    1 oz full size; 1/8 oz trial size available, too

    We’ve heard it several times now from in-the-know facialists and satisfied users: if you’re going to try just one item from Marie Veronique’s Treatment line, this Treatment Oil is the one. It acts as a moisturizer while also clearing and decongesting pores, controll...

  3. The Acne Answer

    Acne- and rosacea-fighting handbook

    Paperback, 207 pages

    We know, we know. We're not in the business of selling books. But if you're picking up Marie Veronique's Treatment products from us, we figured you might want to pick up all of Marie's knowledge, too. And this little book is teeming with tips on how to address acne with topical treatments, internal supplements, and perf...

  4. Marie Veronique Eye Repair Serum

    Line-plumping, firming, brightening eye serum

    1 oz full size; 1/8 oz trial size available, too


    A number of our lovely customers have asked us if we could carry Marie Veronique’s Eye Repair Serum, and we agree with them: it’s one of a kind, and it’s quite wonderful.

    What’s wonderful, specifically? For starters, the unique texture....

  5. Marie Veronique Gentle Gel Cleanser

    Super-calming, hydrating, non-foaming gel wash for sensitive skin

    4 oz / 120 ml

    What made us bring Marie Veronique’s Gentle Gel Cleanser onto our shelves? Well, if you have sensitive skin, you may know this feeling: you want to wash your face, but every gel or foam cleanser seems to be too stripping or irritating, and every creamy or milky cleanser seems like it’s...

  6. Marie Veronique Replenishing Oil Cleanser

    Deep-cleansing oil wash for all skin types

    4 oz / 120 ml full size or 1 oz / 30 ml travel size


    Marie Veronique’s wonderful Replenishing Oil cleanser is a bathroom-cabinet essential — especially since it’s available in a travel friendly 1 oz size — if your skin craves a deep clean.

    Oil cleansers are handy: they effectively dissolv...

  7. Kristina Holey + Marie Veronique Soothing B3 Serum

    Calming, hydrating, dewy-skin-making serum with 10% niacinamide and potent humectants

    1 oz / 30 ml

    Soothing B3 Serum is a super-light, fast-absorbing, oil-free gel serum that features inflammation fighting niacinamide (vitamin B3) in a hyaluronic acid base for deep hydration, calmer skin, and a natural, dewy glow. It’s a great pick for those with redness or rosacea who ...

  8. Kristina Holey + Marie Veronique Intensive Repair Serum

    Decongesting, oil-balancing, pore-refining gel serum with 2.5% AHA, 2.5% BHA, Vitamin B5, and green tea

    1 oz / 30 ml

    Kristina Holey + Marie Veronique Intensive Repair Serum is a water-light, oil-free gel serum that features sebum-balancing Vitamin B5 and a blend of refining lactic acid and decongesting salicylic acid. Importantly, those power ingredients are in a soothing, hy...

  9. Kristina Holey + marie Veronique Barrier Restore Serum

    Essential skin-protecting serum that corrects inflammation, calms sensitivity, and helps moisture levels achieve perfect balance

    1 oz / 30 ml

    The Kristina Holey + Marie Veronique Barrier Restore Serum is difficult to describe. Let’s just start by saying that you need this kind of weird, entirely wonderful item in your skincare product stash, especially if you experience...

  10. Marie Veronique Treatment Mist

    Micronutrient-powered balancing, brightening, healing, and toning mist

    4 oz / 120 ml

    While there’s something alluringly innovative about the brand’s Pre+Probiotic Mist, Marie Veronique’s Treatment Mist is the one to go with if you struggle with acne, oily spots, hyperpigmentati...

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