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Garrett Markenson has styled hair for 15 years and run his own salon for 8. He launched Reverie to help create jobs in California; his CA-formulated and –manufactured products are absolute marvels of performance, paragons of clean-ingredient virtue, and leave no stickiness on your hands or your hair. We're in love.

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  1. Reverie CAKE

    Restorative Scalp Tonic

    1.7 oz / 50 ml

    Healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp: makes sense, right? But what doesn’t make sense is the dearth of effective and good-for-you products that are designed specifically to help your scalp.

    The good news is that Reverie, the line created by stylist Garrett Markenson, has one. (Of course they do; th...

  2. Reverie Nude conditioner

    Color-safe, moisturizing conditioner for sophisticated-smelling strands

    8 oz / 250 ml

    (For those of you who are wondering, NUDE is now simply Conditioner. Same great stuff, just no name. Reminiscent of Prince.)

    The perfect companion to NUDE Shampoo, NUDE conditioner is a smoothing cream rinse that does just what it should: condition, hydrate, an...

  3. Reverie EVER

    Damage repairing, split end-mending treatment oil

    45 ml

    Like most items in the Reverie lineup, Reverie EVER hair oil can help you joyfully toss out your graveyard of kind-of-work-but-only-sometimes products designed to repair styling damage and restore shine. Designed as a reparative, split end-mending treatment, we’ve found that it also works won...

  4. Reverie RAKE

    Buttery smooth styling cream for all hair lengths

    2.5oz / 74 ml

    Reverie RAKE has to be the most beautifully buttery styling cream on the planet. Unlike most styling products, this one feels so nice that you will probably want to keep running big, fat, whipped-creamy dollops through your hair all day. But that would be excessive.

    The secret to its unus...

  5. Reverie MILK

    Leave-in moisturizing & frizz-fighting treatment

    3.3 oz / 100 ml

    Reverie MILK: We knew this product was good when Dara almost couldn’t bear to part with our tester bottle. Its creator, stylist Garrett Markenson, dubbed it “Milk” because, as he puts it, “It’s such an essential product.” We wholeheartedly agree: ric...

  6. Reverie MARE

    The salt spray to end all salt sprays

    5 oz full size or 2 oz travel size

    Reverie MARE's magnificence at creating texture and volume makes up for all of those experiments with other salt sprays that went horribly, painfully wrong. (You know what we're talking about: dry, crispy, frizzy, matted strands that definitely do not look French-girl tousled.)


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