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For You: Gratitude Shop

For You: Gratitude Shop

Are you a regular at Ayla? Why, thank you! As a small token of our gratitude, your Ayla Points can get you deluxe minis of some of our best selling products as well as limited edition items. Some are sneak peeks at soon-to-launch products. All of them cannot be purchased otherwise. It's all very special, like you.
To learn more about our Gratitude Program —and to find out how you can earn points by referring your friends — please click here.

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  1. Luzern Force de Vie Creme Luxe Mini

    All-around excellent anti-aging cream for Combination-Dry and Dry skin

    10 ml

    Luzern's Force de Vie Creme Luxe is one of our top sellers because it's natural, it smells and feels great, and it really works. This luxurious cream combines intensive, all-day hydration with powerful anti-aging ingredients — like skin-repairing algae, an oxygenating yeast extract, and a host...

  2. Travel case

    Silk travel case for The Goodnight Co pillowcase & sleep mask

    If you have a silk pillowcase from The Goodnight Co (if you have dry or dehydrated skin, you really, really should), you're likely so attached to it that you can't imagine sleeping on an inferior cotton pillowcase and — gasp — waking up with dry skin, sleep creases, and frizzy hair. 

  3. Luzern Cleansing Gelee mini

    Gel wash for Balanced and Combination skin

    0.5 oz/15ml

    Luzern's Pure Cleansing Gelee is the gentlest cleansing gel we've ever tried, yet this decongesting wash leaves skin feeling fresh, soft and thoroughly clean. Packed with goodies like algae extract, cucumber, and aloe, it's one of the best balancing products around for combination skin. It feels cooling and super-refreshi...

  4. Luzern Hydra-Enzyme Mask Mini

    Deep-hydrating, exfoliating, & brightening mask

    0.5 oz / 15 ml

    It’'s surprisingly tough to find a mask that will both hydrate and exfoliate; it seems as though we’re usually forced to choose between the two. But Luzern’'s Hydra-Enzyme Masque NUIT is superbly moisturizing and also happens to contain a heaping scoop of pumpkin enzyme, which brightens and smoothes skin gentl...

    Out of stock

  5. Ayla tote

    Medium-sized cotton tote

    12.5" H x 12" W

    This midsized, foldable yet sturdy cotton tote is the perfect thing to have stashed in your handbag or car for small impromptu shopping trips — and it's also a great lunch carrier. We created it in honor of San Francisco's shopping-bag ordinance (here, you're charged ten cents for a shopping bag, whether you're buying a fancy out...

  6. Luzern gift bag

    This anti-aging kit from Luzern features an assortment of deluxe minis that are perfect for travel:

    • Ultra-gentle Pure Cleansing Creme
    • Purifying Urban Protect Detox Masque
    • Moisture-enhancing Serum ReHydrate
    • Lightweight La Defense Urban Protect Daily Moisturizer

    It's all packed in gorgeous midnight blue bag with an extra-plush headb...

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6 Item(s)