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Gua Sha tool - rainbow fluorite

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  • Gua Sha tool - rainbow fluorite
  • Gua Sha tool - rainbow fluorite
  • Gua Sha tool - rainbow fluorite
  • Gua Sha tool - rainbow fluorite

Gua Sha tool - Rainbow Fluorite



A foolproof, versatile tool for facial gua sha

Gua sha is a traditional healing technique from China that involves a small, smooth stone board that is pressed against the skin to gently massage facial fascia, muscles, and skin while stimulating specific energy points. This encourages healthy circulation, releases muscular tension, and promotes lymphatic drainage for a more lifted, less puffy look and brighter, healthier looking skin. The release of muscular tension is particularly key, since repeated movements usually underlie the pesky lines that bother us. We think gua sha is an ideal next step for those of us who are already using great skincare products but are wondering, “What else can I do that doesn’t involve needles, lasers, or knives?”

A regular at-home gua sha ritual is a good idea for everyone, so the newest addition to our shelves is this beautiful rainbow fluorite gua sha tool that’s as foolproof as they come. The flat side is used for smoothing and the promotion of lymphatic drainage, the scalloped edge is useful for sculpting (around the jawline, for example), and the jagged edge is helpful on fine lines and wrinkles. The stone is rainbow fluorite, which is known for its grounding properties; in energy work, it is often used as a cleansing stone that clears a path to clarity. Each stone is beautifully unique.

You can complete a simple gua sha routine in a matter of minutes, and it’s an entirely healthy addiction. (If you have a tight jaw, you may find that running your gua sha stone across it is the greatest thing you have done for yourself in quite some time.) Check out the video with our Guide and esthetician, Beth, under "how to use" below. You can also click here to view more gua sha tutorials and videos on our blog or click here to view them directly on YouTube; our favorite companion products to prep the skin are pictured below.

PS If you're in or near San Francisco, book a gua sha treatment in our studio! Regular treatments can help minimize lines, provide a firming/lifting effect, smooth puffiness under the eyes, and even improve a saggy jaw or neck.

PPS We sold out of this tool the day we introduced it, but we have more coming from overseas — so it will be a little bit of a wait, but we promise it'll be worth it.


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  • Anyone looking for a foolproof, versatile tool for facial gua sha
  • Skin types: All
  • Skin conditions: All, especially Aging


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