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Moroccan Beldi Soap - Eucalyptus

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  • Moroccan Beldi Soap - Eucalyptus
  • Moroccan Rose Beldi Soap
  • Moroccan Beldi Soap - Eucalyptus
  • Moroccan Rose Beldi Soap

Kahina Moroccan Beldi Soap



Hydrating, super-skin-softening soap made from olive oil

8.8 oz / 250 g

Kahina’s Moroccan Beldi Soap is unlike any soap we’ve ever seen, and because of it, we’re even more excited for our showers and baths than usual.

For starters, it contains three ingredients. THREE. Organic olive oil, water, and an essential oil — either eucalyptus, neroli, or rose, your choice. Isn’t that wild? As creator Katharine L’Heureux told us in this interview, “The olive oil is saponified, or turned into soap, using sodium hydroxide mixed with water. The water disappears during the production process.  The result is a unique, gel-like consistency that works wonders to cleanse and soften skin.”

And the viscous dark green gel indeed works wonders: when our testers tried it along with Kahina’s pleasantly scrubby Kessa glove, their skin was softer than it had been in ages. Katharine created the Beldi Soap after making several ingredient-sourcing trips to Morocco, where a trip to the hammam for a good skin scrub became her first stop after the long flight from New York. She obviously knew what she was doing, because she really hit it out of the park with this product.

Please check out our detailed usage instructions below. Whether you pick energizing eucalyptus, intoxicating neroli, or luxuriously soothing rose (which is slightly more expensive due to the cost of the highest-quality rose essential oil, which is used in copious amounts in this product), it makes bathing and showering an extra-luxurious sensory treat. 

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Best for:

  • Those seeking well-hydrated, smooth skin and an indulgent bath or shower experience
  • Skin types: All
  • Skin concerns: All


Key Ingredients - Olive oil contains powerful youth-preserving compounds such as alpha-tocopherol, polyphenols and oleocanthal
- Essential oil of rose provides uplifting and soothing aromatherapeutic benefits; essential oil of eucalyptus provides a cooling, refreshing effect
All Ingredients Beldi Soap - Eucalyptus: saponified olea europaea (olive) oil, aqua, eucalyptus globulus (eucalyptus) leaf oil

Beldi Soap - Moroccan Rose: saponified olea europaea (olive) oil, aqua, rose damascena (rose) flower oil

How to Use

For a real hammam-in-your-home treatment, spend 5-10 minutes in the bath, shower, or steam room (if you happen to have one…or you can just turn your shower into one). Massage Beldi Soap into your skin with your hands and leave it on for up to 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water. As a final step, exfoliate with the Kessa glove and watch in awe as dry, dull, dead skin just rolls off.
You can also do an express hammam-at-home treatment by just massaging the soap onto your skin with the glove.
Or use it as a straight-up cleanser by just massaging it onto your skin with your hands and rinse off. It’ll still smell delicious and leave your skin beautifully soft and supple.

Testimonials & Press

"Kahina’s newly released Beldi soap and Kessa Mitt duo have turned me into a new woman. I’m telling you, I’ve shed (what must be) years of dead skin in one go." - mylucitedreams.com