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Les Fleurs de Bach Energie

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  • Les Fleurs de Bach Energie
  • Les Fleurs de Bach Energie

Les Fleurs de Bach Energy Elixir



Ingestible elixir that boosts vitality and enthusiasm

20 ml

Energy Elixir was created by our friends at Les Fleurs de Bach, a wonderful little company based in Paris that is devoted to the preparation of the most effective Bach flower essences in the world (read about their exacting methods here). Bach flower essences were originally developed by Dr. Edward Bach, a British surgeon, homeopath, and bacteriologist. Reflecting Dr. Bach’s own medical background, these essences have been clinically proven to help balance emotions, thus allowing the body and mind to focus on healing themselves. Fans of Bach flower remedies are as varied as Dr. Oz and Martha Stewart.

Energy Elixir is ideal for those who feel sluggish, tired, and generally lacking in enthusiasm or motivation. (This seemed important to us, because so many of our lovely clients covet that glowy, healthy, energized look — we want you to feel the same way from the inside out.) It’s not like taking one of those jitter-inducing caffeine pills; the box mentions greater “vitality,” which is an apt description. It can actually make you feel like lacing up your sneakers and going for a run. How exciting is that? Energy Elixir is powered by a blend of certified organic Centaury, Hornbeam, Oak, Olive, and Wild Rose essences mixed with organic brandy.

Available in the US exclusively at Ayla.

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Best for:

  • Anyone experiencing fatigue — physically or mentally
  • Skin types: All
  • Skin concerns: All


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Key Ingredients Descriptions of each essence in the Energy blend, as written by the team at Les Fleurs de Bach —

Centaury: For those who are too kind, quiet, gentle and anxious to serve and end up being too weak and dominated. Restores self-confidence and the ability to establish balanced relationships.

Hornbeam: For the monday-morning blues, caused by the burden of routine: too much of the same, not enough new experiences or challenges. Revitalizes, gives the strength to break apathy and try something new.

Oak: If you're exhausted from working too hard for too long and you can't relax before your target is reached. Allows you to admit your own limitations and take a well-deserved break.

Olive: If your energy levels have been drained by stress. Helps restore a state of mental and physical freshness.

Wild Rose: If you lack interest, desire and passion in life. Fills with a spirit of joy and a taste for adventure.
All Ingredients Organic brandy (99.6%) 40% vol. Plant extracts 0.4% (1/250) : Centaurée (Centaury / Centaurium erythaea), Charme (Hornbeam / Carpinus betulus), Chêne (Oak / Quercus robur), Eglantine (Wild rose / Rosa canina), Olivier (Olive / Olea europoea)

How to Use

Dilute 4 drops of the Elixir in a glass of water and drink as often as needed.