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Luzern Serum Absolut V15

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  • Luzern Serum Absolut V15
  • Luzern Serum Absolut V15

Luzern Serum Absolut V15



Anti-aging Vitamin C treatment

2 oz/60 ml

(Formerly known as Serum Absolut V12 – this name was changed to reflect the level of ascorbic acid in the formula.)

For antioxidant protection, skin firming, and age defying, few things match the power of Vitamin C. With 15% L-Ascorbic Acid, Luzern's Serum Absolut V15 is one of the best anti-aging serums to use during the day (it can be used at night, too, but we often recommend this for day and some type of retinol product, like Luzern's Force de Vie Creme Nuit, at night). It helps support skin in the face of the sun and city pollution to sweep up free radicals that accelerate the aging process. Plus, in addition to Vitamin C, this daily multivitamin for skin features 11 other essential nutrients that efficiently plump wrinkles, improve skin's elasticity, and even skin tone. One of Luzern's facialists calls it her "daily orange juice for the skin." Incidentally, said facialist looks a solid 20 years younger than she actually is.

As a side benefit, it'll help keep your complexion looking fresh and bright. Apply it under your daily moisturizer. Suitable for all skin types, but those with sensitivity might find it a little too much. (It's strong orange juice.)

Arrives in a (massive) 2 oz glass vial.

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More Details

Best for:

  • Anyone who wants to keep their skin in great shape for their age
  • Skin types: All 
  • Skin concerns: Anti-aging, Dullness/Clogged Pores, Hyperpigmentation

Avoid in cases of:

  • Very sensitized skin (it's not as irritating as retinol or hydroxy acids, but could cause some discomfort)


Size 2 oz / 60 ml full size
Key Ingredients - L-ascorbic acid is a highly effective form of Vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps brighten skin and stimulate collagen production
- Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) stimulates circulation, increases hydration, and reduces discoloration
- Retinyl Palmitate stimulates the production of new, healthy skin cells
All Ingredients Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice**†, Water (Aqua)*†, Ascorbic Acid*†, Glycerin**†, Retinyl Palmitate/Carrot Polypeptide*†, Ascorbyl Acid/Citrus Polypeptide*†, Tocopherol Acetate/Wheat Polypeptide*†, Leontopodium Alpinum (Edelweiss) Extract**†, Saccharomyces*†, Copper Ferment**†, Silicon Ferment*†, Magnesium Ferment*†, Iron Ferment, Zinc Ferment*†, Echinacea Angustifolia Extract**†, Panthenol*†, Xantham Gum*†, Buddleja Davidii Extract**†, Cyanocobalamin*†, Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme) Extract**†

* Natural-Derived / Dérivés De Naturel And/Or Ecocert
** Certified Organic/ Certifié Organique Usda / Ecocert / Bio-Swiss
† Low Hazard Rating Of “Green 0 - 2” (Non-Toxic, Non-Irritating)

How to Use

Apply a few drops into palm of hand and apply to cleansed skin before moisturizing.

Testimonials & Press

"Gets absorbed very quickly and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. I had to travel for a few days recently and didn't bring this with me, and I found that my skin didn't look as even or feel as refreshed without it. I'm going to make sure from now on not to skip it!" - Pattrawadi