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Moon Juice Herb & Cheese Crisps

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  • Moon Juice Herb & Cheese Crisps
  • Moon Juice Herb & Cheese Crisps Label
  • Moon Juice Herb & Cheese Crisps
  • Moon Juice Herb & Cheese Crisps Label

Moon Juice Herb & Cheese Crisps



Grain- and dairy-free (surprise!) parmesan-like crackers

2 oz

These crispy, grain-free crackers are what first started our love affair with Moon Juice. Our founder had just begun a gluten- and dairy-free diet (so San Francisco, we know), and she was looking for a plane snack to replace her beloved cheese and crackers. These tasty, parmesan-like crackers with hints of rosemary and garlic are the best grain-free, dairy-free replacement we’ve tried. Astonishingly, they actually taste like they’re made with cheese, and given their almond and flax seed base, they’re quite hearty. If you’re a juicer, they’re an excellent on-the-side snack, too.

Raw, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO


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Best for:

  • Anyone looking for a grain-free, dairy-free replacement to cheese & crackers


Size No
Key Ingredients - Activated almonds go through a time-intensive process to ensure maximum nutrient availability and enhance digestibility. First, they're soaked in salted, alkaline water to release enzyme inhibitors. After being thoroughly rinsed, they are then are dehydrated at low temperatures until crisp and dry. While roasting can result in rancid oils, dehydration helps more effectively preserve the delicious and healthy fats in the nuts that make them so good for you.

- Nutritional yeast and a blend of herbs is the secret to the remarkably cheese-like flavor
All Ingredients Alkaline water, activated almonds*, activated flax seeds*, nutritional yeast, tarragon*, pink salt, garlic*, onion*, thyme*, rosemary* (* indicates organic)

How to Use

- Rip open a packet and help yourself.