Virtual Facials with Ayla

Our facial treatments have always been designed to take our consultations to the next level. While our San Francisco treatment room is currently closed to keep both you and our team healthy — and following COVID-19 guidelines — we're excited to now offer virtual facial experiences with our wonderful in-house esthetician, Sarah.

Our virtual facials are designed to help you get to know your skin and your products through an esthetician's perspective: Sarah will guide you through a lengthy cleansing process, facial massage, and mask, letting you know what she would look and feel for if she were to perform the treatment in person. 

Afterwards, you will absolutely see a more radiant-looking you in the mirror. And the best part is that you'll have learned some tips and tricks to help you see that radiance more often, whether that's through a more effective cleansing routine, massage techniques you can actually use every day, or a new (and better) way to use a product that's been sitting on your shelf, just waiting for its joys to be rediscovered.

Until we can all get facials in person again, our virtual facials are a fun, empowering, and genuinely relaxing way to do it yourself — but with some expert guidance that will make all the difference.

Ayla Treatment Room


The MyHavtorn Virtual Facial is our first virtual facial offering for two reasons: a) we love MyHavtorn, and b) their Facial Mask is amazing, but can be tricky to work with at first — so we want you to experience it in its full glory.

Via Zoom, Sarah will guide you through a deep cleanse to break up congestion; a heavenly self-massage routine for face and neck that feels complete, yet eminently doable on your own; and use of the MyHavtorn Facial Mask, which has been one of our favorite facial masks since it first appeared. It gently detoxifies all skin types, leaving even delicate complexions with an I-just-returned-from-vacation glow. (It is everything we all need right now.) While it dries, you'll have a chance to review your home care routine with Sarah, who's a whiz at crafting daily skincare regimens.

You'll end your video call with a glowing complexion, a rejuvenated spirit, a deeper understanding of your own skin and the products you use, and a genuine sense of pride after having massaged your face into a major state of radiance.

50 minutes, $55. Please click here to book an appointment. The MyHavtorn Facial Mask is required for this facial; if you don't already own it, please purchase one here and allow at least 10 business days for its delivery before your appointment. 



Gua sha is a traditional healing technique from China that involves a small, smooth stone board that is pressed against the skin to gently massage facial fascia, muscles, and skin while stimulating specific energy points. This encourages healthy circulation, releases muscular tension, and promotes lymphatic drainage for a more lifted, less puffy look and brighter, healthier looking skin. We think it’s an ideal next step for those of us who are already using great skincare products but are wondering, “What else can I do that doesn’t involve needles, lasers, or knives?”

The gua sha treatment relieves tension in the facial muscles and fascia while it encourages movement of lymph fluid, resulting in a smoother, more lifted look after just one session. The MyHavtorn Virtual Gua Sha Facial includes everything in the MyHavtorn Virtual Facial, but with Gua Sha replacing the facial massage portion of the treatment. 

Note: If you’ve had any Botox or fillers in the last six weeks, those areas cannot be treated with gua sha.

60 minutes, $65. Please click here to book an appointment. The MyHavtorn Facial Mask is required for this facial; if you don't already own it, please purchase one here and allow 10 business days for its delivery before your appointment. You'll also need one of the two Gua Sha tools we carry for this facial; if you don't already own one, please purchase the Lanshin tool at least 10 business days in advance of your facial.


- MyHavtorn Facial Mask
- Four warm cloths
- A small bowl or cup for your mask
- A larger bowl with warm water
- Any cleanser (we recommend an oil or balm cleanser, especially MyHavtorn's Organic Facial Cleanser alongside the MyHavtorn Cleansing Pads
- Any facial oil (we love the MyHavtorn Organic Facial Oil which comes in a mini size or you could opt for the Serum for a lightweight option).

- A brush for mask application (this is optional, as it can also be applied with fingertips!)
- Any mist or tonic (for the MyHavtorn facials, we love their Organic Essence)
- Any water-based serum (we are fans of the TWELVE Beauty's Ideal Moisture Level Serum or Luzern's Firming Collagen Booster)

*Should you need to cancel a facial booking, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing or calling 415-520-7320. There is a cancellation fee for virtual treatments cancelled less than 24 hours ahead of time.


We're excited to now offer private small group virtual facials. These are ideal for birthdays, corporate events, or any other occasion where you wish to connect with friends, experience some pampering, and learn how to do a home facial from start to finish. Simply email us at and we'll send you a list of the current packages!




Sarah Iveson is a natural and non-toxic beauty pioneer in addition to having one of the most soothing spirits we know. She first became fascinated with holistic approaches to skincare when she trained in depth at a holistic pharmacy with highly regarded European health and beauty brands in the early 2000s — long before natural beauty was the broader force that it is now.

Sarah became a licensed esthetician in 2007 and soon became known for her stellar facial treatments and relaxing facial massage techniques at a celebrity makeup artist studio in San Francisco. We speak from experience when we say that her glow-inducing oxygen facials are reason enough to book repeat visits, but she’s also such fun to hang out with that it’s hard to leave our cozy room when your treatment is over — especially since she's a walking encyclopedia of skincare secrets.