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  1. The Organic Pharmacy Organic Muslin Cloth
    Much more than a washcloth This organic cotton cloth takes the washcloth to a new level with a texture that gently exfoliates and deep-cleans as it wipes away traces of dirt and makeup. Can be used with any cleanser (a must-have with the Carrot Butter Cleanser).
  2. MyHavtorn Pads

    Bamboo/cotton cleansing pads


    MyHavtorn added these double-sided pads to their offerings due to their interest in preserving the environment — the pads are an ecological alternative to disposable cotton pads, and they're just the thing for removing makeup and cleanser residue. We love the fact that they're so easy to care for, too: just toss them in the washer/dry...

  3. Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream

    Thick, soap-free cream for a smooth, nick-free shave

    5.3 oz full size / 2 oz travel size

    This thick, non-lathering, soap-free shaving cream has received countless accolades (Esquire Magazine anointed it “Best Shave Cream”). Why? Mainly for the close, super-smooth, nick-free shave it provides as well as its non-toxic, clean-rinsing formula. M...

  4. The Acne Answer

    Acne- and rosacea-fighting handbook

    Paperback, 207 pages

    We know, we know. We're not in the business of selling books. But if you're picking up Marie Veronique's Treatment products from us, we figured you might want to pick up all of Marie's knowledge, too. And this little book is teeming with tips on how to address acne with topical treatments, internal supplements, and perf...

  5. May Lindstrom Masque Treatment Bowl

    Size: 1 bowl

    May Lindstrom's The Masque Treatment bowl is (of course) handmade, with great thought put into every detail; perfectly functional; and absolutely beautiful.

    Each one is crafted by Los Angeles potter Melissa Brown with a barrel-bellied shape so that puffs of The Problem Solver and Learn More-->

  6. May Lindstrom Facial Treatment Brush

    Size: 1 brush

    May Lindstrom's The Facial Treatment Brush may not seem like a must-have, but once you try it, you'll agree that it is. If you're a fan of The Clean Dirt or The Problem Solver, you'll find that it whips them into a frothier mousse-like state than other tools. It's also lovely to be able to then luxuriously spread your masky mixtures — whether they include The...

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