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The Nue Co Energy Food + Prebiotic

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  • The Nue Co Energy Food + Prebiotic
  • The Nue Co Energy Food + Prebiotic

The Nue Co Energy Food + Prebiotic



Caffeine-free energy boost, minus the crash

100 g

The Nue Co’s Energy Food + Prebiotic is just the thing for that mid-morning or mid-afternoon slump. This caffeine-free powder uses actual food — adaptogenic maca root, goji berry, beetroot, and brown rice protein — to stabilize blood sugar and deliver energy-boosting nutrients like magnesium, calcium and B vitamins in a form that is easy for your body to absorb, digest, and use.

An added bonus is a heap of inulin, a prebiotic fiber derived from chicory, that helps keep your digestive system healthy. We're big believers in probiotics to keep digestive and immune systems healthy and skin calm and clear (our favorite: Bio-Kult), and prebiotics like inulin feed those probiotics to give them an extra boost.

We weren’t sure exactly what to mix Energy Food with at first, so we asked Tiffany Lester, MD (a big fan of The Nue Co) for some tips. She simply adds a scoop to warm water every afternoon for a caffeine-free, crash-free energy boost. We did the same and noticed that we felt energized for the rest of the day and needed far less chocolate to get us through…which, by the way, has allowed those Keller + Manni bars to last us a lot longer.

Like all of The Nue Co's powders, this one features very carefully sourced ingredients, which is shockingly unusual in the world of supplement powders and dusts. It's the reason why its price is higher than others, but it's well worth it. How often is an energy booster actually benefiting your health over the long term? Energy Food + Prebiotic actually delivers. It may even turn you into a morning person.


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Best for:

  • Those seeking a caffeine-free energy boost, minus the crash
  • Skin types: All
  • Skin concerns: All


Size 3.3 oz / 100 ml full size
Key Ingredients Organic maca, known as "Peruvian ginseng," is a root that's prized for its adaptogenic qualities and high levels of minerals like magnesium
Organic goji berry is a superfood that's prized for its high levels of B and C vitamins
Organic beetroot powder is a natural source of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and iron
All Ingredients Maca powder, goji berry powder, beetroot powder, Inulin - a prebiotic fiber derived from chicory, brown rice protein

Made in the UK and free from thickeners, binders, and flavorings.
Vegan - Certified Organic - Cruelty-Free - Gluten-Free - Sugar-Free

How to Use

Mix into a shot with water, stir into almond milk, add to smoothies, or combine with yogurt. Take any time of the day or night, whenever it’s needed most. (We usually take ours at 11am or 3pm.) Dosage: 1 teaspoon daily.

Testimonials & Press

"I like to add a scoop of this to warm water mid-afternoon for a caffeine-free energy boost." - Tiffany Lester, MD