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Uma produces its 100% organic oils on its centuries-old family farm in India, blending them according to Ayurvedic principles that have been passed down through generations of royal physicians. This brand has serious credentials (click for more info). The result: purity, safety, and efficacy beyond compare.

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  1. Uma Ultimate Brightening Face Oil

    Brightening (really!) facial oil suitable for a range of skin types

    We gave this heavenly-smelling oil a good, long try because we figured anything that says it’s “brightening” takes at least a few months to win you over. Uma’s Ultimate Brightening Facial Oil, however, proved us wrong.

    We immediately fell for the fast-absorbing texture...

  2. Uma Absolute Anti-Aging Body Oil

    Luxurious, beautifully scented, fast-absorbing body oil

    This hydrating and elasticity-boosting body oil routinely sells out, and we understand why. The texture is deeply nourishing, but fast-absorbing; the addictive scent, sensual but soothing, obviates the need — or desire — for any other fragrance; and the result is perfectly dewy skin. It&rs...

  3. Uma Intensely Nourishing Hair Oil

    Perfectly frizz-taming (but non-greasy) styling oil and healthy-scalp treatment

    We weren’t really looking for a hair oil — we carry a few of them already — but, like Goldilocks, we found that this one was juuust right. It’s not so heavy that it leaves strands greasy, but rich enough to tame the most unruly of manes.

    The reason w...

  4. Uma Pure Calm Wellness Oil

    Ayurvedic, aromatherapeutic topical treatment for stress & sleepless nights

    If you have stress in your life, or you could use some help getting yourself into a more peaceful slumber, this bottle of essential-oil goodness will be indispensable.

    Sure, it’s got some beautifully scented lavender in it to enhance relaxation and calmness. But it&rsq...

  5. Uma Pure Energy Wellness Oil

    Ayurvedic, aromatherapeutic topical treatment for greater energy

    Whether you’re trying to cut down on caffeine or looking for new ways to combat the all-too-common 3pm energy dip, this bottle of essential-oil goodness will become your BFF.

    Sure, it’s got some stimulating peppermint oil in it to boost mental acuity and focus. But it’s n...

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