Bach Flower Consultations at Ayla

At Ayla, we have always had a deeper view of beauty — one that is connected to mind, body, and spirit. Here, we describe our approach to Bach flower remedies and how they fit into our beauty philosophy.

What are Bach flower remedies?
These natural, non-habit-forming remedies, made from flowers and plants, were originally developed in the 1930s by revered British doctor, homeopath, and bacteriologist Edward Bach. Working in a way that is similar to homeopathy, they have been used ever since to help balance emotions — and, in doing so, allowing the body and mind to focus on healing themselves. Bach flower remedies (also called "essences") are singular in their combination of efficacy and safety in the treatment of emotions: they will not interfere with other medications, and they can be even used by pets. 

What remedies do we work with at Ayla?
Over the past four years, the Bach flower blends from Les Fleurs de Bach - Elixirs & Co in Paris — available in the US exclusively at Ayla — have helped our community with a range of situations stemming from emotional difficulty, like stress, low self-confidence, and flagging energy. Our customers have consistently found the remedies from Elixirs & Co to be unusually effective due to their quality and concentration. 

Why do a Bach flower consultation?
As our partnership with Les Fleurs de Bach grew over the years, we became increasingly interested in delving deeper into the essences themselves. There are 38 individual flower remedies, and while premade blends can be an excellent introduction to them, Bach flowers can be used to far greater effect when chosen on a more personal level. Our team of thoroughly trained Guides — working under the kind mentorship of Gérard Wolf, the founder of Les Fleurs de Bach — can specifically advise on the remedy selection process and develop a custom blend, designed to fit you and your feelings like a glove.

Bach flower consultations...the Ayla way 
Bach flower remedies were originally designed to be a self-help system: Dr. Bach envisioned that each household would have a full collection of remedies from which to choose for any given situation. While many gifted Bach practitioners can be found worldwide with years of experience behind them, at Ayla we wanted to put the power back into the hands of our customers — gently guiding you through the process of learning about and more effectively using these remedies rather than simply "prescribing."

What each consultation includes
In a 30-40 minute phone call, your Flower Guide will work with you to craft a bespoke blend based on your current emotions, any situations you may be struggling with in the coming weeks, and your general temperament. (It’s important that you fill out the pre-consultation form that you’ll see on your confirmation page before your appointment; if you miss it, please email for a copy.)

A few days after your consultation, we’ll send you a bottle of your custom blend, which is included in your consultation fee ($97) and is intended to be used within three weeks.

Most blends include 4-7 single Bach flower remedies, mixed together with water from the pristine springs of Mount Shasta’s glacier. It was important for us to select a water source that would honor the subtle energies present in the remedies themselves: this water undergoes a long journey through miles of granite, gem-infused rock, and volcanic lava tubes before being carefully bottled directly in glass. Water from this particular source has long been used for medicinal purposes, and we’re delighted that we’ve found a supplier whose bottling procedures meet such exacting standards.

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Les Fleurs de Bach 

About our Bach Flower Guides

Gérard, the founder of Les Fleurs de Bach - Elixirs & Co, completely thrilled us when he offered to open up some consultations for our clients. In our view, no one knows these flower essences like Gérard: he opened his first Bach flower clinic in Paris in 1993, the same year he started to produce Bach flowers on his own in France. The degree of care with which he makes them is incredible (Dara went on a flower-scouting trip with him in the French alps and saw this firsthand), and their results speak to his devotion. This kind, perceptive, joyful octogenarian is an inspiration to us all at Ayla.

Dara, our founder, fell in love with Les Fleurs de Bach several years ago during a trip to Paris. Over the years, she got to know the Bach flower system, realized what potential it had to help others, and dove into the education process with zeal: learn more about her perspective here. She adores doing Bach flower consultations and considers each one to be a complete and utter delight, often punctuating conversations with irrepressible exclamations of "Oooh!" when a good match is found. 

Michele joined us as a Bach Flower Guide through a serendipitous connection from the yoga community, where she is renowned for her skills as a mentor and educator. She also happens to have worked with Bach flowers for nearly 20 years, spending almost a decade as a trainer for one of the largest Bach flower manufacturers in the world. Needless to say, she knows Bach flowers like the back of her hand and has the heart and soul of a teacher. Talking to Michele is like being steered with kind, confident hands towards the very path you needed.

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Why our team loves Bach flowers these days

We’ve found these remedies to be particularly helpful during recent moments (global pandemics, for instance) when many of us have struggled with difficult emotions — uncertainty, fear, loneliness, and despair, for example. This can make us more prone to illness or stress-related skin conditions, or simply feel out of balance and not quite ourselves.

Times of crisis can be an opportunity to lean into those emotions, to recognize what’s important, to remember who we are, and to learn how to better respond to situations that we can’t control. These moments, in all their difficulty, can be opportunities for profound healing and the development of real strength. They can also be opportunities to normalize the process of talking about our feelings, which can be a healing process in and of itself.

We’re looking forward to connecting with you and working together to determine the best blend of Bach flowers to address your needs at the moment. If you're curious about others' experiences, check out our early adopters' testimonials here.


Please note that Bach flower consultations should not be seen as medical evaluations, and Bach flower remedies are not medications; they are complementary treatments. 
Any topics discussed during our Bach flower consultations are not intended as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please check with your doctor.