Facial Treatments at Ayla

Our facial menu features an exciting series of residencies with renowned facialists from around the country — and around the globe. We are so excited to feature these treatments at Ayla! You'll find more information below the photo.

And as always, if you're looking for consultation options (both virtual and in-person), you'll find them here.

Ayla facial treatments

Julia March facial residency
Julia has been featured in the Allure Beauty Directory as one of the top facialists in America, named Allure’s “Best of the Best,” and named “Best Facialist in New York” by New York Magazine; in our view, she deserves all of these accolades, and then some. 

Julia's treatments at Ayla include an infusion of Dara Kennedy Sea Serum with medical grade oxygen for a biointegral experience.

The details:
If you’re lucky enough to get an appointment with Julia, you’ll enjoy a soothing blur of heavenly treatments that will leave you looking better than ever and feeling as though you just saw one of the best energy workers in the business. (Rightly so, because you did.) 
Julia began her career as an esthetician in New York, where she quickly became the lead esthetician at one of the city's top facial spas and opened her own skincare clinic soon thereafter. An avid seeker of holistic healing, Julia also immersed herself in the study of Reiki (she’s certified as an advanced practitioner of Vortex Healing, a bio-energetic healing modality) and she’s also a Registered Craniosacral Therapist. As a result, Julia's facials are unlike any others, blending folk wisdom, advanced technology, skillful massage, and deep energy work to induce an alpha state of profound relaxation — one that allows her clients to experience the full benefits of her facial work. 
Dara has been a Julia devotee since 2002 (Julia's the one who first introduced her to Luzern) and, needless to say, is beyond thrilled to host her in San Francisco. 

Length: 90 minutes
Cost: $350

How to book:
Julia's first residency was in May 2024, and her next one is coming soon. Please email help@aylabeauty.com to get a spot on the wait list; you'll be the first to know when Julia's going to make her next trip.


Looking ahead

de Mamiel fans: Annee de Mamiel's coming back in November 2024! 



Important note: Should you need to cancel a facial booking, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing help@aylabeauty.com or calling 415-520-7320. There is a cancellation fee for treatments cancelled less than 24 hours ahead of time.