The Sea Soak: testimonials & reviews

Dara Kennedy Sea Soak

We are thrilled that the Sea Soak has been met with such rave reviews. One of the things we love most about is that it works a little differently on everyone — and it even works slightly differently each time you take it, seemingly adjusting to suit your specific needs at that particular time.

Want to know what people are saying about it? Check out our testers' and early adopters' testimonials below, and explore the links to press reviews just below those.


“Whoa. This is not your usual bath product. I was skeptical about how a sea soak could detoxify, until I found myself sweating in the tub and then feeling deeply relaxed, yet rejuvenated, afterwards. Whatever magic is happening here, I’ll take it.” – Jill R.

“Ever since I went through menopause, I’ve struggled with dry, brittle hair. I’ve tried everything — oils, deep conditioning masks — and it never seems to do much. I squeezed the Sea Soak gel onto my scalp and hair and left it in for 30-45 minutes along with my usual hair mask and the result was amazing. My hair looked considerably healthier and shinier!” – Sarah D.

“WOW!!!!! I feel amazing — as good as I feel after a massage — my muscles are more relaxed, my blood feels like it is just humming through my body. I definitely worked up a sweat, but there was something smooth about the experience, whereas I often find steam rooms and saunas to feel jarring. It was very relaxing, a great way to unplug.” – Kristin R.

"I haven't taken a bath in 20 years, but it was amazing. Intense, and almost uncomfortable as I got hotter. But you know it's doing something great, because for the rest of the day, I had an insane surge of energy." – Al D.

"That was intense, FYI. First ten minutes: no big deal (I take Epsom salt baths all the time). Next ten minutes, very different from your basic salt soak. I'd make this a monthly ritual." – John M. 

“Life changing!!! Best bath experience ever…helped me recover from my cold, lost water weight and I slept like a baby afterward.” – Gayle O.

“Sweating after five minutes! Subscription, please.” – Kristina H.

"I thought perhaps the description for this bath was (forgive me) overstated, as I have filled plenty of bathtubs with seaweed and it’s lovely... but had never felt like a spa experience. And then I had my bath. It was incredible! Why was this so different? Is it the giant kelp? The whole process was wonderful- opening the box, so beautifully packaged, I was already in the experience carefully unwrapping the muslin to reveal the contents. It was all that your description stated- deeply restorative , detoxifying and a spa experience. Thank you for always  bringing the best and keeping the highest of standards for pure, natural, ethical and sustainable  ingredients and companies." - Jeanne F.


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