Bach Flower Consultations: Testimonials & Reviews

We are incredibly excited about our Bach flower consultations, but we also realize it's hard to jump into something that is so new and different without hearing about others' experiences. If you haven't already, read our Letter from Dara, which describes our founder's own experience. And check out our early adopters' feedback, in their own words, below. 

MJ: "The 'petal elixir' really is extraordinary. At first, it was difficult to detect if it was having an effect as I was not a controlled experiment, since my sick family member turned a corner and got better, which calmed me down. Then, however, dense wildfire smoke came to our neighborhood and we had to evacuate. So the anxious stress was there, lessened, and came back. What I noticed was that I was much less panicky, clear-headed and optimistic throughout. Even my digestion, for some reason, worked better. I will tell you that my GP prescribed me some Xanax right around the same time for all the things I was going through...and I have not taken even one pill. The petal elixir was enough to sand the edges off."

GO: "I've been taking my drops for almost a week and I feel so much better, it's almost a miracle. I've been meal prepping again, staying on top of graduate school, and not bothered at work. Also, I'm learning to let go and forgive. Thank you so much!"

LK: "I've been feeling much more consistently calm, and I've been experiencing less severe reactions to obstacles, unexpected things, and my own errors — if I've had any reactions to them at all. I'm also in a phase of intense decision-making, and I've been feeling really relaxed and flexible about those decisions. I'm excited to keep taking this!"

RP: "There’s a ritual moment attached to taking it. It’s a moment to slow down and know I’m taking care of myself. And to have that ritual throughout the day feels really good. I’ve been upping how much I’ve been taking of the tincture this past week, and I’ve been noticing a shift in my state, feeling stronger, more connected and moving from thinking to doing. Also been feeling very conscious of needing to shift some areas that were feeling really depleted to recharging."

KR: "I really feel like these drops have gotten me to a much better place in one of my most difficult relationships."

KS: "I can't believe how much I felt the effects! I know my body is really sensitive but I didn't expect to feel so much in just a day. I was really relaxed and present and calm."

LL: "[I noticed] lots of clarity about my path — and some acceptance. I wish flowers could make dreams come true, but they're more about recognition, I guess."

NS: "I felt like I had more self-awareness and insight even after the consultation alone! I want Ane to just talk to me and ask me questions in that soothing voice forever."

AS: "I've noticed that even the intention in taking the drops feels like a shift. And I feel less reactive: my COVID mood swings feel less drastic. Like the edges are softened and muted, in a good way."

EI: "After 9 months of dealing with a parent with Alzheimer's and a broken hip, the pandemic, loss of income, my own health issues, and the subsequent loss of my father, I was broken. I hadn't felt like myself since last year. I didn't expect much from a flower elixir, but after a few days I started seeing the possibility of getting back to my old self. After two weeks, I felt I was back. I still have some big challenges ahead of me, but I feel I can take them on. I hadn't felt this confidence in a very long time and I can only attribute it to the flower elixir. I purposely didn't take anything else, not even magnesium, to make sure any change I experienced was solely due to the elixir. My husband even told me he saw a noticeable shift in my demeanor and how I handled stress. I am so very grateful I found this profoundly healing remedy."