Current offers

We love tucking extra little goodies in our packages from time to time! Here are the special offers we have planned, while supplies last. Offers are available both on our website and in our SF studio at 1825 Bush Street.

(We'll also list special offers from our friends and partners, designed just for our community.) 




While supplies last, spend $100+ on TWELVE, get a travel size Ideal Brightening Corrective Serum.

Natalie's Cosmetics

While supplies last, buy any item from Natalie's Cosmetics and get a travel size Smooth Body Lotion (a $27.50 value).  



Seed Probiotic
If you're looking to upgrade your probiotic, we can't recommend this one more highly. Seed’s formula includes 24 clinically studied, naturally-occurring probiotic strains (many of which aren’t found in yogurt or fermented foods and beverages) combined with a patented, non-fermenting probiotic for whole-body health. Along with your digestion, it's proven to support heart, skin, immune, and metabolic health — all the things that can suffer during periods of prolonged stress and uncertainty.
For skin health specifically, Seed contains four strains that are clinically shown to support the skin and a healthy SCORAD score (a scale for measuring atopic dermatitis). Also key: its vegan and gluten-free blend of probiotics and prebiotics come in a stabilized (no refrigeration needed), precision-release system that delivers 100% of the starting dose of its live bacteria to the lower small intestine and into the colon. Order it directly from Seed here and use the code DARA at checkout for 15% off your first month's supply of the DS-01 Daily Synbiotic. Seed's refill system is fantastic and easier to manage on their site, so we're sending you to them rather than selling it ourselves.
PS: If you're new to probiotics, Bio-Kult is a solid, broad-spectrum formula that we recommend starting with.

FOND Bone Broth
We're been fans of bone broth for years due to the amount of nutrition it packs into one easy-to-sip cup...and its effects on your skin, as described by Dr. Sara Gottfried in our interview with her about ingestible collagen. FOND Bone Broth is by far the most delicious we've ever tried (thank you, Anne Easthope, for the recommendation!), and it's excellent for both sipping and cooking (braise your vegetables in it and they'll be out-of-this-world good). Bonus: it's shelf-stable and packaged in glass. Order on FOND's website using this link for 10% off.

Therapy Lab
Therapy Lab offers science-based teletherapy to residents of Arizona, California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Washington with stylish offices in Los Angeles and San Diego. If working with a therapist at Therapy Lab is something that interests you, we're delighted to tell you that their team has offered all of our customers $50 off your first session at Therapy Lab. Just mention Ayla when you book.