Body & Mind Thursday Notes

A peek into the hidden world of Bach flowers

If you’ve been following us for some time, you may already know how much I love Bach flower remedies. They didn’t sweep me off my feet right away; rather, I was swept off my feet by a beautiful body scrub that contained them, almost as a hidden, secret, “little extra something” ingredient.

But the best things, I think, hold their allure in those nuggets that are hidden away. Nuggets that are just waiting for you to ask, “What’s this all about?” and then casually, almost humbly, open a door to a whole new world for you to explore.

And the world of Bach flower remedies is one that offers so much to dig into. For example, how they’re made; how different flowers can combine to make a bouquet that addresses stress, troubled sleep, or flagging energy; and, perhaps most interesting to me these days, the characteristics of each single flower.

While Bach flowers are most frequently used in combination, each flower is a complete personality in and of itself. So, today, I thought I’d share a few words about three that I find particularly helpful during this holiday season. (They all happen to come from trees, which was totally unplanned but seems aptly wintry and festive.)

ELM is the remedy for ambitious, hardworking people who take life’s responsibilities seriously and appreciate all that they have, but find themselves in a temporary state of “I can’t do this” despair due to all they’ve taken on. (If this sounds like you — or you’re a working parent + teaching assistant — you could probably use some Elm to help release blocked energy that you need to make it all happen.)
You’ll find Elm in the Self-Confidence Elixir*

HOLLY is the remedy for those experiencing anger, jealousy, suspicion, or oversensitivity, when everything feels like a personal affront. (If you’re going to spend time with someone who really knows how to push your buttons, you'll want Holly to help restore a sense of equanimity and crack open your heart a little more, so love can flow in and out of it more freely.)
You’ll find Holly in the excellent Letting-Go Elixir*

WALNUT is the remedy for adjustment to change and protection from outside influences. It can provide us with a sense of inner stability and a thicker skin, especially when we want or need to pursue a new path. (If you’re going through a period of change and want to move forward without being as affected by the world around you, you need some Walnut.)
You’ll find Walnut in the marvelous Menopause Elixir*

*If you read any of these descriptions and thought, “Ooh, I want that flower!” but the pre-blended Elixir may not be quite right for you, this is exactly why we offer Custom Remedies (pictured above). Because they're made just for your current situation and particular temperament, they fit like a glove and can work even more effectively than a pre-mixed blend. You can learn more about them here.

"That's nice. But how do they work, exactly?"

Here’s the straight answer: mainly, it's a mystery that has to do with energetic vibrations. If that sounds weird and fringe-y to you, I get it. Completely. But I can tell you two things that I know for sure:

First, every single person we’ve prepared Custom Remedies for has genuinely felt something from them — and there have been a lot of those people. And in some ways, the mystery of exactly how it all works is kind of delightful; deep and mysterious things are hard to come by these days. And with each year that passes, the more I can accept that there are some things that are not entirely knowable, no matter how much you dig into them.

Secondly, you know what else seemed a little weird and fringe-y when Ayla first opened its doors nearly ten years ago? Green / clean / non-toxic / healthy beauty. I certainly won’t pretend to see the future, but I do know a good, true thing when I see it.


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