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Introducing Fueguia 1833

"Fueguia 1833 is an homage to my ancestors who were naturalists and writers. Louis Bedel, Henry D'Orbigny, Maurice Bedel, René Bedel, and Filiberto Oliveira de Cézar. They roamed a world on their own, and left a unique imprint of their singular, inquisitive minds.

Fueguia 1833 is born from the association between Europe and South America, originated centuries ago. Continuing our tradition, we identify native species to conceive and create in Buenos Aires and Milan. The scents we create reflect the exotic diversity of South American native treasures. 

Fueguia is a proposition for wandering spirits, sensitive to the call of reminiscence."

- Julian Bedel, founder and nose of Fueguia 1833


To learn more about Fueguia 1833, visit our Brand Spotlight. We are so proud to be one of Fueguia's first retailers worldwide and the very first in the US.



PS Curious about how we found Fueguia? Dara shares the backstory here.

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