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Reverie EROS hair mask: behind the formula

Reverie Eros Resurrection Hair Mask is one of those products you never knew you needed: a deeply nourishing, luxuriously rich conditioner that won’t weigh down even fine, easily-weighed-down hair. We love all things Reverie, but especially this one.

Reverie describes Eros as a “weightless veil,” which we think is perfect. We haven’t tried anything quite like it before, and it’s beautiful. Find out how and why Reverie created it in our interview with Hillary Markenson below.


Reverie Eros Hair Mask


Ayla: What prompted you to create Eros?  

HILLARY: Eros is everything I’ve always wanted a hair mask to be, but could never find - weightless,  not a heavy protein treatment, but effective for strengthening and protecting against breakage and something I could wear for a length of time while I worked out or went in the sauna so I wasn’t limited to using it only in the shower. Life is dynamic and I need my haircare products to be that way as well.  


Ayla: You take such an unusual approach to formulation — tell us how you approached this product.  

HILLARY: Since we formulate with a skincare chemist that prioritizes efficacy backed up with clinical data and biomimetic ingredients — Reverie products feel and preform differently that most haircare.  For Eros, we reached for some tried and true ingredients, as well as ones we’ve never used before to deliver a potent, restorative experience. 


Ayla: What can people expect from their experience with it?  

HILLARY: The first thing people will notice, which is typical for Reverie products, is the scent.  Eros is a departure from the usual heady, sensual, woodsy notes found throughout the line.  Instead we opted for a soft, romantic, floral scent for Eros - notes of violet, jasmine, mandarin orange and ho wood.  The second thing will be the texture…it’s so rich.  Lastly, is how shiny, bouncy and healthy your hair looks from one treatment.  The results are incredible.  


Ayla: Is there anything else you'd like us to know about Eros or Reverie in general? 

HILLARY: Don’t find yourself beholden to the “rules” of hair mask, or any hair product for that matter.  Play to find what works for your unique style and create rituals that fit into your lifestyle. Doing so will help you maintain consistency, which is key.  

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