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TWELVE Tint & Glow: the secrets behind Pedro's color pots

TWELVE’s Tint & Glow is a product we'd been waiting for from this beloved skincare brand for years — and it was well worth the wait. These beautiful pots of color are just what we all need to elevate any look, whether it’s every day or a special occasion. Find out how Dr. Pedro Catalá developed them (and how this skincare formulator was able to create colors that really couldn’t be more perfect).


Dara: Color! I know you've been playing with color for your range for years. What made you decide to dive into makeup now?

PEDRO: True — in fact, I’ve been experimenting with color since the unexpectedly warm reception of the Hyaluroil Lip Treatment back in October 2015. The original idea was to color the existing lip oil, since everybody loved it…but during the research, I noticed that the pigments had the tendency to precipitate after few months.

The solution was to make it thicker in order to suspend the pigments. This worked for the color, but the rollerball did not glide on the lips in the way we were used to. In March 2017, I started to experiment with bases and textures where I could incorporate the pigments that I was so convinced we should work with; I’ve lost count on how many webinars, seminars, fairs and innovation events I attended during this process. Fast tracking to June 2024, I am finally ecstatic about the final result. (And FYI, there is more to come, since I realized that I really love the science and technology behind makeup.)


Dara: What makes Tint & Glow different from other color pots out there?

PEDRO: The texture, to start with: so creamy and packed with lipids that are identical to the ones found on the skin. And the colors are super versatile and can not only be mixed (I personally adore the combination of Bare Canvas and Happy Nuance, and of Happy Nuance and Mulberry Hue), but also built up in layers to achieve the intensity you want. It is a small but mighty collection which flatters every skin tone.

And last but not least, in true TWELVE Beauty style, it contains a healthy dose of hyaluronic acid, plus all the plant based pigments are rich in vitamin C and anthocyanins (really powerful antioxidants), so it also offers antioxidant protection alongside other skincare benefits.


Dara: How did you decide on the shades? (They're perfect.)

PEDRO: Thank you. I must give credit to the real experts, a team of makeup artists based in LA and London that I've consulted. They have been championing the brand for years and TWELVE is part of their kits, which I am very grateful for, given the vast amount of choices they have. They look after the real A-listers, so it made me feel very humble when I picked up the phone and asked them for help. They gifted me with the most incredible feedback  — add more berry, or make it a bit softer, etc. Their instructions took shape in the final formulas.


Dara: Any application tips?

PEDRO: I wanted to make it easier for everyone, so Tint & Glow can be applied with your favorite brush or just your fingertips. Speaking of brushes, I've recently discovered them. I know you must be asking yourself, "In which cave Pedro has lived over the last 40 years?" but I am obsessed with them.


Dara: Can they be applied everywhere on the face, including eyelids?

PEDRO: Yes, wherever you need a touch of glowy skin with a hint of color.


Dara: How do you suggest removing it?

PEDRO: I have been testing these products for years now and it always shocks me how effortlessly Dara's Water removes every trace of color without being harsh on my sensitive skin.


We, of course, love Dara's Water, too. Check out the whole TWELVE lineup here, and read more about this special brand in our Brand Spotlight.

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