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Introducing Marie Veronique Body Barrier Emulsion

When Marie Veronique told us we’d be the first retailer to get our hot little hands on their first body care product, we were (obviously) honored, thrilled, and thankful. 

But once we tried it, we were (inwardly, in a civilized manner) screaming our heads off with excitement. Because if you struggle with dryness, sensitivity, or eczema, and you’ve found everything else to be too thick, heavy, or occlusive, especially in a heat dome at the height of summer — this, really, is the stuff.

In short, Marie Veronique Body Barrier Emulsion is a thrilling creation that we think of as a “Barrier Restore Serum for the body.” (It’s not just us: Marie Veronique created it because so many customers were asking for exactly that.)

Like Barrier Restore Serum, Body Barrier Emulsion boasts an innovative formula that’s deeply moisturizing without using heavy occlusives. Both products’ objectives: improve barrier function to enhance skin’s innate ability to balance its levels of hydration and moisture, while at the same time encouraging a happier microbiome – and, thus, healthier skin, from the broadest perspective possible. As Marie has put it, it’s “the one body product you need to take care of your skin, leaving you free to get on with the other important things in your life.” Doesn’t that sound nice?

Indeed, despite a blissfully brief ingredient listing, Body Barrier Emulsion has got it all: probiotic protection, a thoughtful blend of humectants and lightweight oil (infused with calendula from Marie’s farm, no less), and a dreamily milky texture that sinks into skin for breathable, lasting nourishment.

Bonus: it’s unscented, and its ingredients’ mild natural smell won’t get in the way of any fragrance you might apply on top — or any sensitive noses that might be near you. Plus, we love the glass bottle, reminiscent of the days that exist in our imaginations with curious clarity, when fresh, cold milk got dropped off on your doorstep in a beautifully eco-friendly, reusable glass container. Somehow, it only adds to the overall wholesomeness of this beautiful product.

It’s everything we never knew we needed from Marie Veronique, and it’s fabulous.

Here are a few extra pro tips from Marie’s Director of Skin Health, Kristina Holey, and Lead Esthetician, Eleanor Bagley: 

To support the skin on the body and also promote resiliency with seasonal changes,  I shift to cold showers instead of hot, apply Balancing HypoTonic all over my body (especially legs post-shaving), and then finish with a creamy layer of Body Barrier Emulsion. The dynamic blend of ingredients continues to support the skin over a long period vs just the immediate. It helps gently exfoliate and replenish key microbes + ceramides for proper barrier function. With consistent use, you can completely avoid dry, flaky skin.
Pro tip: Effective and supportive for bumpy skin or keratosis pilaris.
- Kristina Holey, Marie Veronique’s Director of Skin Health

I love it after dry brushing. I dry brush pre-shower, and then, while the skin is still damp post-shower, I apply a thin layer all over the body. Generally, I apply the emulsion in the same direction as I did dry brushing (toward the heart) to boost lymph flow.
It can be incredibly helpful post sun (sunburn!) and post-beach to restore the skin and promote healing.
- Eleanor Bagley-Suda, Lead Esthetician at Marie Veronique


Shop the Marie Veronique collection at Ayla here. Don’t miss Dara’s Oil, the sensitive-skin-friendly facial oil that Marie very kindly developed just for our founder.

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