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A simple exercise to support love, compassion, and joy

Try this invigorating exercise, a yoga-class favorite, to focus on your heart—your center of love, compassion, and joy. (Kids will love this one, too.)

  1. Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position.
  2. As you inhale deeply and broaden your chest, open your arms wide.
  3. As you exhale completely, give yourself a big hug: wrap your arms around yourself and curl your body inward.
  4. Repeat 10 times, keeping your movements broad, sweeping, and fluid.

As you repeat this exercise, turn your hug — your expression of self-compassion — into a movement of love by thinking of someone or something that could use your support.

As you near the end, turn it into an expression of joy and hope for all. Perform your repetitions in a kneeling position and make your movements even bigger: as you inhale, rise up onto your knees, and as you exhale, drop your seat towards the ground and curl into yourself.

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