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Brand Spotlight: BioRecept


We learned about this hyaluronic acid-infused skincare brand from our super-chic, uber-cool friend, Elizabeth Jeffer (the founder of the fantastic Roztayger, which we like to think of as the Ayla of handbags). Every time she goes to Fashion Week in Paris to find the next season’s best accessories, she makes a special trip to the revered CityPharma to stock up on BioRecept, a tip that was whispered to her by Paris fashion insiders who can’t get enough of the stuff. Other reported fans: Catherine Deneuve and Juliette Binoche. It all sounded so very exciting and intriguing and French that we couldn’t even stand it.

So, naturally, we had to go to Paris and do a little investigation.

As it turns out, BioRecept was created by one of France’s top skincare formulators as her personal passion project. These hyaluronic acid-infused, certified organic formulas, produced in the French Alps, leave skin extraordinarily smooth and glowing.

It’s fitting that we should hear about BioRecept from a fashion insider, because the BioRecept product range was born from a seemingly couture problem.  Its founder is a Paris based pharmacist, skincare researcher, and product formulator with over 20 years of experience developing products for global beauty brands. Her grown children happened to be fashion models, and she observed that their peers in the profession were often heavy cigarette smokers. Consequently, their skin exhibited all possible skin problems combined: it was dull, red, thick, sensitive, dehydrated, and acne-prone. Mon Dieu.

This discovery, along with the French obsession with eradicating “grise mine” (which is, basically, that tired, gray look that far too many of us are all too familiar with), compelled her to create a high-performing yet non-toxic product range that addressed all of these conditions.

One of the things that sets the BioRecept range apart is its use of both short- and long-chain hyaluronic acid. Long-chain hyaluronic acid is more commonly used and gives skin a reservoir of hydration and plumps up fine lines, which is lovely — but the effect is short-lived and washes off at the end of the day. Short-chain hyaluronic acid, which is harder to find, has long-term anti-aging effects and is particularly good at boosting skin's collagen production, which helps with wrinkles as well as scarring. The BioRecept line generally uses long-chain hyaluronic acid in its daytime formulas, when that nicely hydrated and plumped-up look is most helpful, and short-chain hyaluronic acid in its nighttime formulas, when deeper activity is warranted. The product range also features a variety of bio-available minerals and organic plant extracts from the French Alps, and the collection has been formulated to work with all skin types and ages. And, developed with respect to both the skin and the environment, BioRecept's packaging is made of recyclable glass jars and eco-friendly cartons.

Shop the BioRecept range here.

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